Build Levels

level1.pngStock - 0$

4WD Dana 30/35/44

 Your adventure begins! Buying a stock Jeep is the first and most common step taken. Most stock Jeeps come with 4WD and Dana axles. The stock Jeep is a capable 4 Wheel Drive vehicle on the street and is a perfect platform for you to customize to meet your needs on or off-road.

level2.png Mall Crawler - $2,000

Look alike, Puck Lift, 32" Tires, Roof Rack, (maybe wheels)

The 2nd level is when your average Jeep owner decides they want to take it up a notch. It can be born out of necessity or just wanting their Jeep to look cool. The parts and accessories at this stage are mostly cosmetic. 32" tires with a small puck lift are the standards of this level over stock. A roof rack or various other cargo attachments are installed to provide additional storage or get that overland - expedition Jeep look. Your Jeep may or may not have upgraded wheels as well.


Camping/Snow - $3,000

Puck lift, 33" Tires, Bumpers, LED lights, Bikini Top, Wheels

At the 3rd level, a small lift (or leveling kit) has been installed in the Jeep. The tires and wheels have been upgraded and heavy-duty skid plates have been added for protection. The Jeep is now capable of being taken out further off highway. The added protection allows the driver to get to those remote camping or picnic spots without risking undercarriage damage. It may have a bikini top, shedding the hard or soft top to get the full experience of the outdoors. These Jeep rigs often have GPS, since they head out far enough that they may get lost while exploring the trails and wilderness.

level4.pngFire Roads - $5,000

3" Short Arm Lift, 35" Tires, CB Radio, Skid Plates, Drive Shafts, Tire Carrier, GPS, Limited slip or one locker

 At the 4th level, the Jeep is typically modified out of necessity. It may have gotten stuck out on the trails once or twice, and these close calls spawn further investment into the vehicle's capability. A CB radio is often added, along with a Jeep spare tire carrier in case of a blowout or flat on the trail. To combat the more rugged trails this rig is facing, a short arm lift kit and higher clearance bumpers have been installed to clear the bigger 35" tires. Skid plates are mandatory at this stage to protect the Jeep's underside from the larger rocks further in and off the fire roads. New drive shafts are added for increased strength and a limited slip or single "hard" locker is essential in the terrain this Jeep will be facing.

level5.png2-3 Trails - $7,000

Locker, Winch, Rockers, Re-Gear axles, Heavy Duty Steering, Spare Parts, Rock Lights

At level 5 you know you really enjoy off-roading and need to take steps to prevent the Jeep from getting stuck out on the trail. The Jeep has been weighed down with bigger tires and modifications so the axles are re-geared. A full "hard" locker is installed in the rear axle to get through the more extreme sections or obstacles on the trail. In case the Jeep does get stuck, a winch has been added to pull yourself out. Rocker guards have been added to keep the bottom of the body from getting damaged from the hits of large rocks found on level 2-3 trails. A heavy-duty steering is usually added to handle the increased pressure being put on the steering linkage climbing up rocks. Additionally, spare parts and rock lights are added for the inevitable break and night wheeling.

level6.png3-4 Trails - $12,000

4" Long Arm Lift Kit, 35" Tires, Tube Fenders, 4:1 Terra Low, Axle Shafts

At level 6 you are having fun but the rig is getting beat up as you try to tackle increasingly tougher trails. You add a second hard locker. 35" tires are reaching their limit, it's time to add a 4-to-1 transfer case and aftermarket axle shafts to handle the new torque needed when crawling through some tougher obstacles. A 4" long arm lift kit raises the Jeep further to improve clearance on the Jeep and improve overall driveability, with tube fenders installed to add a bit more protection you can challenge yourself on more difficult trails.

level7.png4-5 Trails - $15,000

Anti Rock Sway Bars, 37" Tires, Corners, 5 on 4.5 Beadlocks, Dana 44 Axles Re-Gear

At level 7 you want to go further with the new-found capability! The tires are upgraded to 37"s with 5 on 4.5 beadlock wheels, providing greater clearance and letting the Jeeper air down further without fear of losing a bead while rock crawling. Corner guards are added for improved body protection on the level 5 trails and to reinforce the rear tube fenders. The axles are re-geared again as you install beefier Dana 44 axles to handle the added stress of a bump or two on the trail. The Jeep needs a long arm suspension to take full advantage of the 37" tires.

level8.png4-5 Trails - $25,000

Ram Assist, Atlas Transfer Case, Roll Cage, Engine, Transmission, Synthetic Rope

At level 8 more armor is added as you try tougher trails. You're feeling the need for the Magic 100 wheelbase on the 37's. Your driving skill is improved and you enjoy the level 4 & 5 trails.

level9.png5+ Trails - $40,000

Gas Tank, 40" Tires, Hi-Steer, New 5 on 5.5 Beadlock Wheels, HP Dana 60 Axles Re-Gear

At level 9 you upgrade to hi pinion Dana 60 Axles with 5.38:1 gears and true Hi-steering. This requires different wheels (5 on 5-1/2). You upgrade to an ATLAS transfer case now and since you have bigger axles you might as well go to 40" tires. It's time to stretch the wheel base further (to 104+) and go to coil-over shocks.

level10.pngGenRight Jeep - $60,000

5+ trails, GenRight Stretch Kit, Coil Overs, Aluminum weight reduction, Race Radio, Seats, Paint and finishing touches

Level 10 is a full GenRight Jeep - where it all comes together and done "right"! It's time to put the Jeep on a diet and lower the center of gravity, making the Jeep fun to drive on and off-road!