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  • Hi-Steer Kit for Currie RockJock/VXR Front Axle on a Jeep CJ, YJ or TJ GenRight CrMo hi-steer set up on a Currie 60 front axle with double shear GenRight hi-steer set up on a Currie 60 with long travel coil over suspension


    Hi-Steer Kit for Currie Rock Jock Front Axle (Non-JK)

    This "one click" kit has everything you need to get our top-of-the-line double shear hi-steer set up on a Currie RockJock 60, RockJock 70, or Currie VXR 60 on a Jeep TJ, YJ or CJ. Includes: STK-2503 - GenRight Chromoly Drag Link Correction Kit w/...

  • GenRight's Hi-Steer Arm for the Elite Suspension Here is the arm on the Currie knuckle with heim steering Here you can see the hi-steer arm on the Currie axle and knuckle.


    Hi-Steer Arm for Currie RockJock Knuckle

    This is the GenRight modified Currie Hi-Steer arm. It has been modified to have the correct geometry to work with the GenRight JK Elite Suspension System. It positions the drag link in the proper location to match the pitman arm length so you can...

2 of 2 Items