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  • Front view of Griffin's radiator for 4.0L engine running the GenRight Tracer Suspension Rear view of Griffin's radiator for 4.0L engine running the GenRight Tracer Suspension


    Tracer Radiator for 4.0L Jeep by Griffin

    This is the Griffin radiator for the Tracer Suspension system (with a 4.0L Jeep engine). It is designed (shaped) to clear the extra up travel a GenRight LJ TRACER suspension has. Sold as an option/upgrade to the Tracer kit. This larger radiator fits...

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    Single high amp electric fan control unit (on & off)


    Universal Wire Harness for Cooler Fan

    This is a heavy duty universal single Electric Fan Wiring Harness. Installs and operated independent of your vehicles ECU. 100% controlled by an automatic inline temperature switch. Includes: Works on water or oil coolers. 185 Deg. Temperature...

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    Griffin 12" x 12" universal fluid cooler


    Griffin Universal Fluid Cooler, Small

    This is the new style "small" Griffin Aluminum Universal Fluid Cooler for use as a transmission or oil cooler.FEATURES: Compact 12.5" x 12.1" x 6.5" thick (including the cooler w/fan) size! Rugged construction is great for use in...

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    Griffin 19.75 x 13" universal fluid cooler We use this larger cooler on the front of our 4500 car for cooling our transmission.


    Griffin Universal Fluid Cooler, Large

    This is the "large" Griffin Aluminum Universal Fluid Cooler. Can be used for engine oil, transmission fluid or power steering fluid cooling.FEATURES: Overall size is 19.75" x 13" x 6.5" thick (includes cooler and fan). Actual core size is 13...

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