The best of the best when it comes to durability, reliability, and performance.

These are the products that we have Trail Tested & Race Proven for over 10 years.


  • Just like the hood we run on the Terremoto! Here you can see the underside vents and true hood scoop. Shipped to customers looking like this


    Fiberglass JK Hood

    This is a complete fiberglass JK hood with scoop and side vents for a Jeep JK 2007-2018. This is the same hood we run on the GenRight Terremoto JK! This configuration offers maximum cooling for your engine compartment! This is not a thin or flimsy...

  • SKP-2600 Engine Skid Builders Kit GenRight's Engine Skid kit protects the engine and transmission GenRight's Engine Skid kit installed on a Jeep Our engine skid is proven at KOJ by 4600 Class winners!


    Engine/Transmission Skid Plate Kit

    This is the GenRight Engine Skid Plate Kit for a Jeep. It is a universal kit, and was designed to work with our 3 Link front suspension (but might work with other kits). It is a tube frame with a 1/4" thick aluminum plate that is used to protect the...

  • Currie Enterprises Rock Jock 70 Rear Axle Currie Enterprises Rock Jock 70 Rear Axles in stock Currie Rock Jock 70 Rear Axle in the GenRight Terremoto JK The Currie Rock Jock 70 being put to the test on Pritchett Canyon in Moab, UT. We run the Currie Rock Jock 70 in our 800HP Unlimited Class off-road race car

    Currie Ent

    Currie 70 Full Float Jeep Rear Axle - Complete

    This is the Currie Extreme 70 complete REAR Axle. This is the same axle we run in our 800HP Ultra4 racer, 640HP Terremoto Jeep Wrangler JK and Bowtie Jeep TJ since 2014! This is a complete Full Float, 40 spline rear axle with NO mounting brackets...

  • BMT-2001 GenRight's Hi-Clearance Body Mounts for the Jeep TJ or LJ Before - with factory body mounts on the frame After - with GenRight hi-clearance body mounts on the frame Close up of the new GenRight BMT-2001 body mounts on the frame Easy to see the difference in this picture!


    Body Mount LIFT Kit, TJ / LJ

    This is another innovative and long over due product from GenRight Off Road. It is a new set of hi-clearance body mounts to raise up the 3 mounts on both sides (under the rocker guard) that always get hit on trail obstacles! Yes, we designed...

  • Steel belly up skid plate for the Jeep Wrangler TJ or LJ Gain a massive amount of ground clearance with this skit plate Here you can see how it only drops in the middle where it has to Shown here with our double triangulated rear cross member Stock '06 Rubicon transfer case skid and transmission mount


    TJ Belly Up Skid Plate - Steel

    This is the STEEL GenRight Belly Up transfer case skid plate for a Jeep Wrangler TJ or LJ. Features: Replacing the factory skid plate with a lower-profile and more heavy duty skid plate. Increases your ground clearance by up to 2-3/8" inches. This...

  • GenRight JK Roll Cage A-Pillar to Frame tie in kit.


    JK A-Pillar to Frame Option for GenRight Roll Cage

    This is Cage to Frame upgrade/option for the GenRight roll cage A-pillar upgrade. This is for the guy who is racing or wants the most safety by tying the A-pillar of the cage to the Jeep's frame. This is the same thing Tony has in his Terremoto...

  • Sale
    How it looks AFTER the door bar tubes are installed How it looks BEFORE the door bars are installed. Welding in the tubes to be race legal.


    JK Door Bar Tube Set for GenRight Cage

    This is the door bar set required to make the GenRight Jeep Wrangler JK roll cage race legal (pictured in green). This is a weld in kit. All the tubes are CAD designed for maximum passenger room in the interior. Each tube is mandrel bent and laser...

    Was: $999.99
    Now: $299.99
  • A-pillar Optional Tube kit for the GenRight JK Roll Cage A-pillar Optional Tube kit for the GenRight JK Roll Cage Shown here with the entire GenRight JK cage The original design as it was being put into the GenRight Terremoto JKU This is how cleanly the tubes run through the dash


    JK A-Pillar Option for GenRight Alum Dash

    This is the A-pillar UPGRADE for the GenRight JK roll cage (GRC-8001) to allow the cage to work with GenRight's aluminum JK Dash (DSH-8030). This is for the guy who is willing to remove all/most the factory Jeep JK wiring and dash components. This kit...

  • Jam Nuts (Various Sizes), sold each Jam Nut shown here on a control arm with a Johnny Joint Jam nut shown here on steering tie rod and drag link with Heims Jam nut shown here on a sway bar link to lock a heim in place


    Jam Nuts (Each) Multiple Sizes

    Jam Nuts (aka: thin lock hunts) are used to lock (or jam) the threads of a Heim and Johnny Joint in place on sway bar, steering, trac bar or control arms.  They are available in the following sizes: 1/2-20 thread (sway...

    $3.99 - $7.99
  • GenRight dash V-bar for the Jeep JK & JKU roll cages How the dash v bar looks after being installed. V-bar lines up with overhead tubes Front view shows how the dash V-bar ties into the upper tube Here you can see how all the cage "nodes" tie together for optimal strength


    Jeep JK Dash V-Bar Add on for GenRight Cages

    This Jeep JK Dash V-Bar Add on is meant for use with the GenRight Roll Cage for 2 and 4 Door Jeep JK's. The V-Bar is an important connection between the dash cross bar and the upper cage cross bar, to add additional strength and rigidity. Used in...

  • This is a Non-electric line lock, parking brake, emergency brake We offer two different mounting styles for your application A mounting style for this line lock, parking brake B mounting style for this line lock, parking brake Technical specifications for mounting this hydraulic ball valve


    Ball Valve Parking Brake

    This is a simple (non-electric) hydraulic ball valve assembly that can be used as an inline parking brake. How does it work? You simply step on the brake pedal and turn the lever. It then locks the pressure in the brake line (as if you were...

    $179.99 - $189.99
  • 16307 Fuel Pump Wire Harness, heavy duty, Aeromotive


    Aeromotive Wire Harness to run Fuel Pump

    This is the heavy duty Aeromotive wire harness to run an aftermarket (high volume & high pressure) fuel pump. Are you considering to switch to EFI or swapping in that late model motor? What has recently become the hottest trend in hot rodding...

  • X-bar tube kit for the GenRight Jeep JKU roll cages. The factory seats fit into the X-bar shape perfectly Rear leg room is only decreased by the diameter of the tubes The JKU cage with X-bar option looks awesome when painted to match! Rear seats still fold down


    Jeep JKU Behind the Seat X-Bar for GenRight Cages

      This is the GenRight Behind the Seat X-Bar for our 4 door GenRight Jeep JKU Cage (GRC-8001). The X-Bar kit is a highly recommended addition to all our Jeep roll cages, as it adds lateral strength to the cage in the event of a roll over...

  • Threaded Step Bungs (Each) - Multiple Sizes 7/8-14 Weld in bung on a steering tie rod and drag link 1-1/4-12 Weld in bung on a control arm with a flex joint 1/2-20 Weld in bung on the end of a sway bar link


    Threaded Step Race Bungs (Each) - Multiple Sizes

    This is a top quality weld-in tube insert or bung (aka; threaded insert). They are CNC machined from cold rolled steel can be MIG or TIG welded into the end of your tubing. The hex head on the end of the bungs we sell stays exposed after being welded...

    $9.99 - $21.98
  • King 2.0" Air Bump with Can King 2" air bump on the GenRight Elite Suspension Shown here next to a Jeep TJ frame with King 2.0 can frenched into it. Shown here with GenRight shock mount and frame plate after frenching in can Shown here on the GenRight Growler YJ

    King Shocks

    King Shocks 2.0" Air Bump w/ Can

    This is the King Shocks Brand of 2.0" diameter Air Bump (Sold Each). These are the best air bumps money can buy. This is the same air bump we used on our GenRight Growler Jeep to pre-run for 8 weeks at the Hammers for the 2010 King of the...

  • Raceline RYNO 17 x 9" Beadlock Wheel Raceline RYNO RT951M 17 x 9" Beadlock Wheel Ryno wheel mounted Beadlock mounting information


    Raceline RYNO 17" Beadlock Wheel

    Following the success of the other Raceline wheels (Monster and Avenger) is the long anticipated RT951 Ryno Beadlock wheel. The RT951 Ryno follows its big brother, the Ryno Forged Beadlock, as a leader in wheel performance, design and durability! The...

  • Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump kit contents Close up of Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump application chart Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump spec sheet Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump drawing with dimensions


    Aeromotive 340 Stealth In-tank Fuel Pump w/sock

    This is the Aeromotive brand 340 Stealth In-tank Fuel Pump. Great upgrade for for better pressure and volume on any EFI engine (LS or Hemi). This is the same fuel pump we run on the GenRight Terremoto JKU. Features and Specifications: 340 lph...

  • Dual Phantom In-Tank Pump system from Aeromotive Assembly ready to go into the gas tank Close up on the internals on the Aeromotive dual 340 Phantom pump Close up of the top of the Aeromotive pump Close up of pump installed in GenRight tank with optional adapter


    Aeromotive Phantom Dual 340 Fuel Pump & Baffle System

    This is the Aeromotive brand Dual Phantom 340 Stealth Fuel System. This is the same fuel pump system we run on the GenRight Terremoto JKU. It is an in-tank type module which includes a foam baffle and reservoir also know as a "sump" (see pictures)...

  • RSMX12 FK Heim Rod End, right hand with 3/4" bore The same FK rod End we use on the tie rod in every GenRight Hi-steer kit Same FK Heims we run on our KOH Ultra4 race buggy! Close up of the same FK Heims we run on our KOH Ultra4 race buggy! 7/8"-14 FK Heim Rod End (Choose Thread)

    FK Rod Ends

    7/8"-14 FK Heim Rod End (Choose Thread)

    This is an American Made fully CrMo (aircraft grade) 7/8" shank x 3/4" bore Heim. The amount of rotation in this rod end is perfect for your steering tie rod (not drag links), because the tie rod does not need hi-misalignment spacers...

  • JMXL16T Super Heavy Duty 1-1/4" -12 FK Rod End

    FK Rod Ends

    1-1/4"-12 FK Heim Rod End (Choose Thread)

    This is a genuine FK Heim, it is the only thing we will use on our Jeeps and off-road racers. These are American Made and fully CrMo (aircraft grade) 1-1/4" shank with 12TPI and 1" bore (through the ball). The amount of rotation in...

  • JK Elite rear bump can mounts Here you can see the bump cans welded into place on the rear shock towers. Here is what it looks like when finished.


    JK Rear Bump Can Kit (Pair), 4 door

    This is the GenRight rear bump stop kit for the Rear JK Elite Suspension System. These Bump Stops "cans" fit in a KING 2.0" diameter air bump can. FEATURES: A must for running coil over shocks. Designed to "key" into the GenRight JK Rear...

  • JK Elite front bump can mounts Here you can see the front bump can welded in place next to the shock tower


    JK Front Bump Can Kit (Pair), 2 and 4 door

    This is the GenRight front bump stop kit for the front JK Elite Suspension System. It is a simple and low cost solution for bump stops on a Jeep!Here is how it works: These Urethane Bump Stops fit in a KING 2.0" diameter air bump can...

  • .250" think wall DOM material is perfect for lower links


    CrMo Tubing, 1-3/8" x .188" wall x 60"

    This is 1.375" (1-3/8) diameter x .188" (3/16) thick wall x 60" CrMo seamless tubing. Same thing we use on our GenRight Steering kits for our Long Travel Suspension kits. Perfect for your steering Tie Rod. You cut to the length you need for your...

  • "Nexus" Ultra4 Racing Chassis Front view of the "Nexus" Ultra4 Racing Chassis Rear view of the "Nexus" Ultra4 Racing Chassis Here you can see how narrow the "Nexus" Ultra4 Racing Chassis is Side view of the "Nexus" Ultra4 Racing Chassis


    "Nexus" Ultra4 Racing 4400 Chassis

    This is the GenRight Off Road Ultra4 4400 Unlimited Class chassis. It is identical to the race proven Nexus 4485 Ultra4 race car driven by our founder Tony Pellegrino. It was designed entirely in SolidWorks where we combined all our years of racing...

  • AGM Suspension Slider (Sold Each) Individual components shown Eliminates coil bind The AGM slider is made in 3 pieces. AGM Suspension Slider Sizes


    AGM Suspension Sliders (Sold Each)

    This is the AGM "Slider", we use it on every GenRight vehicle. It is designed to replace the noisy plastic slider on a King or Fox coil over 2.0" or 2.5" shock. The AGM Suspension Slider is precision dual rate spring divider designed to keep the...

    $125.99 - $219.99