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Rocker Guards


Rockers are an essential for the off-road enthusiast and Jeeper. While your fenders, bumpers, gas tank, and skid plate all take hits while off-roading, it is the sides of your Jeep that are in the most danger. On light trails, dips, pot holes and sudden changes in elevation can max out the clearance on your Jeep. When you have one wheel going into or coming out of a particularly deep hole, your rockers will take the first hit.

On moderate and tougher trials where larger tires are a must, and you find yourself transitioning over objects, the rockers and skid plate are going to get hit. All of the areas where you can really show off the great flex on your Jeep will put the sides of your tub in danger of getting bent, scraped, and caught on the obstacle.

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    GenRight's 2 door JK Rocker Guards, steel JK Rockers powder coated black GenRight rock sliders on stretched 2 door with 42" IROK's Silver powder coated GenRight Rockers on Silver 2 door JK GenRight Rockers on Anvil 2 door JK


    JK 2 Door Rocker Guards - Steel

    This is the BEST rocker guard (aka: rock sliders) on the market for the 2007 – 2017 2 door Jeep Wrangler JK. It's sleek design is molded to fit the JK's body shape and has been trail tested on our GenRight JK's for 10 years! This is a great...

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    Rash Guards for the GenRight 2 door Aluminum Rocker Guards Here is how the Rash Guards caps the aluminum rocker like a glove! Fits right on the high exposure area of the rocker guard


    JK 2 Door "Rash Guards" for GR Rocker Guards

    This is the "Rash Guard" for the GenRight 2 door Aluminum Rocker Guards. It is the answer for the weight conscious Jeep owner who wants lightweight but off-road capability!It is a formed steel "cap" to protect the high...

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    Now: $269.99
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