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Jeep JL EXS Suspension System

The all new Jeep JL EXS Suspension Kit Includes a fabricated 3/16" steel frame with GenRight components. It was designed entirely in SolidWorks, and all you have to do is drop your tub onto this heavy duty, highly engineered frame.

The optimized geometry provides a ride (both on and off-road) that you couldn't imagine being better.


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  • Currie Enterprises Rock Jock 70 Front Axle Currie Enterprises Rock Jock 70 Front Axle 1480 U-joints and Hi-Steer Knuckles are standard on Currie front axles Currie 70 on a Jeep JK build Locking Hubs, over sized brakes and double shear high steer knuckles are standard

    Currie Ent

    Currie Extreme 70 Front Axle - Complete

    This is the race proven Currie Extreme 70 Front Axle. This is the same axle Tony has successfully run in our 805HP V8 powered 4400 Class racer for 7 years and his Terremoto JK!  This is a complete axle (but NO mounting brackets), so it's ready...

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