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Universal & DIY


Our Universal & DIY components are all Trail Tested & Race Proven components that we have assembled into packages that allow you the freedom to suit your own needs.

Our 3-Link and 4-Link kits have optimized geometry that reduces rear steer and implements optimal anti-squat properties, with completely bind-free travel and articulation. The kits also allow you to stretch your wheelbase if you choose.

We also offer builders parts, gussets, shock mount kits, and more. Whatever it is, we have you covered.

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  • 16307 Fuel Pump Wire Harness, heavy duty, Aeromotive


    Aeromotive Wire Harness to run Fuel Pump

    This is the heavy duty Aeromotive wire harness to run an aftermarket (high volume & high pressure) fuel pump. Are you considering to switch to EFI or swapping in that late model motor? What has recently become the hottest trend in hot rodding...

  • Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump kit contents Close up of Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump application chart Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump spec sheet Aeromotive 340 Stealth in-tank pump drawing with dimensions


    Aeromotive 340 Stealth In-tank Fuel Pump w/sock

    This is the Aeromotive brand 340 Stealth In-tank Fuel Pump. Great upgrade for for better pressure and volume on any EFI engine (LS or Hemi). This is the same fuel pump we run on the GenRight Terremoto JKU. Features and Specifications: 340 lph...

  • Dual Phantom In-Tank Pump system from Aeromotive Assembly ready to go into the gas tank Close up on the internals on the Aeromotive dual 340 Phantom pump Close up of the top of the Aeromotive pump Close up of pump installed in GenRight tank with optional adapter


    Aeromotive Phantom Dual 340 Fuel Pump & Baffle System

    This is the Aeromotive brand Dual Phantom 340 Stealth Fuel System. This is the same fuel pump system we run on the GenRight Terremoto JKU. It is an in-tank type module which includes a foam baffle and reservoir also know as a "sump" (see pictures)...

  • Spiderweb Shade for the GenRight Roll Cages The mesh provides shade while still allowing light to pass through

    SpiderWeb Shade

    SpiderWeb Shade for GenRight TJ, YJ & CJ Cages

    This is the Spiderweb Shade specifically sized to fit the GenRight TJ, YJ or CJ-7 Roll Cages.  This is a shade top that will not flap in the wind while driving (yes quiet)! This high quality top requires NO windshield header. The mesh...

4 of 4 Items