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Universal & DIY


Our Universal & DIY components are all Trail Tested & Race Proven components that we have assembled into packages that allow you the freedom to suit your own needs.

Our 3-Link and 4-Link kits have optimized geometry that reduces rear steer and implements optimal anti-squat properties, with completely bind-free travel and articulation. The kits also allow you to stretch your wheelbase if you choose.

We also offer builders parts, gussets, shock mount kits, and more. Whatever it is, we have you covered.

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  • Scosche BoomBottle® Bluetooth Speaker is Waterproof too Scosche BoomBottle® MM Waterproof Portable Speaker can hold a phone too How the Scosche bluetooth speaker works Scosche BoomBottle® MM Waterproof Mobile Speaker Scosche BoomBottle® MM Waterproof Mobile Speaker


    Scosche BoomBottle® MM Waterproof Mobile Speaker

    This is the Scosche Boom Bottle. It is a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. Since it is sealed, it's perfect for playing music anywhere you go! (see pictures). Works great indoors too! Used by Tony, Jami & Jordan in the shop and on the trail...

  • Spiderweb Shade for the GenRight Roll Cages The mesh provides shade while still allowing light to pass through

    SpiderWeb Shade

    SpiderWeb Shade for GenRight TJ, YJ & CJ Cages

    This is the Spiderweb Shade specifically sized to fit the GenRight TJ, YJ or CJ-7 Roll Cages.  This is a shade top that will not flap in the wind while driving (yes quiet)! This high quality top requires NO windshield header. The mesh...

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