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Universal & DIY


Our Universal & DIY components are all Trail Tested & Race Proven components that we have assembled into packages that allow you the freedom to suit your own needs.

Our 3-Link and 4-Link kits have optimized geometry that reduces rear steer and implements optimal anti-squat properties, with completely bind-free travel and articulation. The kits also allow you to stretch your wheelbase if you choose.

We also offer builders parts, gussets, shock mount kits, and more. Whatever it is, we have you covered.

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  • GenRight Aluminum Dash for the Jeep TJ & LJ Defroster vents cut into top of dash Shown here being installed in our own Jeff Perkins Jeep TJ


    Jeep TJ & LJ Laser Cut Aluminum Dash

    This is the GenRight aluminum dash for the Jeep TJ & LJ.Customize your Jeep TJ or LJ with GenRight's Laser Cut Aluminum Dash.This dash is ideal for the builder who is modifying the interior and moving to a custom look and ultra lightweight trail...

  • TJ/LJ C-Pillar Tie-In Builders Kit parts, hardware included, but not pictured. Looking up at the attachment point under the rear fender well. How it mounts to the top of the box at the rear most body mount.


    C-Pillar Roll Cage Tie In Kit for Jeep TJ & LJ

    This is the GenRight Off Road kit to tie-in the C-Pillar of your Roll Cage down to the top of the rear body mount (directly above the frame mount) for added support and safety in the event of a roll over. This is the same kit we have on the...

2 of 2 Items