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Gas Tanks

All GenRight Gas Tanks are Made in the USA, hand TIG welded, pressure tested, and CARB compliant (not CARB legal). They utilize your existing factory fuel pump or fuel module, and are 100% bolt in. Most tanks also come with a heavy duty 3/16" powder coated steel skid plate.

  • 100% TIG Welded 1/8" thick aluminum alloy tank.
  • Pressure tested for 24 hours to ensure each and every tank is completely sealed
  • All tanks come with a 3/16" thick steel skid plate (except BST tanks)
  • Accepts the factory fuel pump module (or fuel level sending unit).
  • Reuses all of the factory EVAP connections (no check engine lights).

GenRight's Auxiliary and replacement Fuel Tanks are available in a variety of options.

EXT - Allows for 4-5" of stretch (depending on the axle)

COMP - 6-7" of stretch (depending on the axle)

Enduro - No stretch, 5 gallons over stock

Safari - No stretch, 11 gallons over stock

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  • GenRight Jeep TJ floor plate assembly This is where it is installed in the rear of the cargo area floor of an '05 TJ When the cover plate is installed it only sticks up 1/8" above the top of the ribs in the floor


    Fuel Pump Access Panel for the Jeep TJ, YJ and CJ-7

    This is the GenRight Off Road rear floor access plate/mount for the Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep YJ or Jeep CJ-7 (all models 1976 to 2006). It allows you access to the top of the fuel tank (pump, electrical, hoses, vents, etc) without dropping the entire fuel...

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