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C-Pillar Roll Cage Tie In Kit for Jeep YJ

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This is the GenRight Off Road C-pillar tie-in kit for the Jeep Wrangler YJ Roll Cage.

It ties the bottom of the C-pillar mounting plate (through the fender well) into the side or top of the outboard rear shock mount (essentially the frame) for added support and safety in the event of a roll over.

This kit has a urethane isolater (since the cage is mounted to the body) to be welded to the bottom of the mounting plate.

The kit is "universal" but all the parts are laser cut and notched for easy assembly onto your Jeep.

Made from heavy duty cold rolled steel plate and tubing (as pictured).

Includes all Grade 8 mounting hardware.


  • Requires cutting the 90 degree end of the tube to an angle that matches your mounting point.
  • Requires welding to properly install this kit.
  • This kit is intended to tie into the GenRight RSM-1001 rear shock tower.
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