Jeep TJ Legend EXT Suspension Package (4-5" Stretch)

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    This is the GenRight "Legend" EXT Coil Over Suspension Package for Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997-2006) this is the best, most balanced suspension system on the market today! (Scroll down for video!)

    This package is also good for up to a 5" rear stretch and a 3" front stretch to get your Jeep to the "Magic 100" wheelbase. By the way, this is the same trail proven suspension set up we have run on our Red GenRight for over 4 years!

    This website item is a single "click" to get EVERYTHING you need to stretch your Jeep and convert it to coilovers and save an additional 5% off our already low internet price by buying the complete package!

    This kit features 14" travel genuine KING coilover shocks and 1/4" thick wall lower control arms and brackets.

    As you can see from the price this is no "bolt-on" kit! Unlike most kits, this kit is designed to provide smooth non-binding travel through the entire stroke of suspension travel (for crazy articulation). This kit package, replaces the entire Front and Rear suspension on your Jeep (TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ-7) with the best components money can buy!

    This was featured on Xtreme 4x4 TV because it was designed to give you all the parts you need (except the grinder, welder & time) to convert your rig from a nice trail rig to an awesome EXTREME trail rig!

    This kit features every possible upgrade you could get from us to lengthen your wheelbase and make the thing flex like a mad dog!

    This Kit Includes:

    • (1) Front coil over "hoop" style shock mount kit (FSM2004).
    • (4) KING 2.0" Coil over shocks with dual rate springs and valved just for a Jeep (14" travel).
    • (1) Front 3 link Suspension Kit with all adjustable Johnny Joint ends (SUP3101).
    • (1) Rear 4 link Suspension Kit with all adjustable Johnny Joint ends (SUP4101).
    • (1) Rear Sway Bar kit (SWB1003).
    • (1) Outboard Rear Coil over shock mounts (RSM1001).
    • (1) EXT (20 gal) Gas Tank and Skid (GST2002).
    • (1) Set of our Rocker Guards (aka: Rock Sliders) (RCG5002).
    • (1) Set of our Full Stretch Corner Guards (CNR2003).
    • (4) Quad Wrap limit straps & tabs (SLSQ14).
    • (2) Additional "center" limit straps, quad wrap (SLSQ08).
    • (1) All necessary Grade 8 hardware.
    • (1) Set of detailed installation instructions.

    This is a great time to push your front end forward (about 2 - 3") and the rear axle back 5" to get to the "Magic 100" wheelbase for those guys on 37's or 40's.

    This is also a clean way to convert your older leaf spring Jeep to coil overs and spank your buddies out on the trail!

    The kit will include detailed instructions & diagrams (about 45 pages) to help you place the shocks and other suspension components in the optimal position and provide your vehicle the best articulation and dampening control.

    All the kit pieces are made from heavy duty, trail proven parts and materials.


    • Once you have placed your order online, a GenRight staff member will contact you to discuss the specifics of your build to ensure the shocks and various other part options to best suit your vehicle build.
    • To install this kit it will require cutting, bending and welding.
    • The kit will also require some minor cutting of the inner fender to accommodate your out board shocks and tires.
    • The kit is compatible with most body lifts, however we do NOT recommend anything over 2".
    • Retains your factory steering box in factory location.


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    1. Great setup

      Love this suspension in my TJ. Fun to set up, and rewarding. Not just the cool factor but the performance is top of the line. If you need any help putting it together the guys at GenRight are only a phone call away for the best customer support there is! on Nov 17th 2017

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