Jeep TJ/LJ Crawler™ ALIEN Gas Tank & Skid Plate (11 Gal)

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    This is the GenRight Crawler™ Series ALIEN (formerly the RK Comp tank) Gas Tank to fit a Jeep TJ / Jeep LJ (1997-2006). It is specifically designed for guys wanting the maximum amount of rear wheelbase stretch, the kit and allow you to move the rear axle back as far as possible and still have a gas tank under the rear of the Jeep (not inside).

    This additional space can be used to move the rear axle back up to 9" (8" on Dana 60) to stretch your Jeep Wranglers wheelbase to well over 103" for the absolute best departure angle and vehicle capability.

    Just in case you did not know, the GenRight gas tanks are unique in that they allow you to stretch your vehicles wheelbase without cutting the frame and body as in the old days. This tank still mounts underneath, allowing you to still keep your back seat (or cargo area)!

    Why is stretching the wheelbase important? Well, once you are on 35's or bigger you have lifted the vehicle and geared it down. Now you have added traction and torque making the vehicle feel more unstable than it once did. Here is why: the height-to-length ratio (that the vehicle was originally designed with) has been altered. We all do it in search of more ground clearance. So now you can re-gain the proper height-to-length ratio for greater stability on big tires ON & OFF road. Besides, everyone wants the better departure angle and improved driveline angles you get with stretching the wheelbase (not the body).

    FYI: We also offer two other stretch models, for less stretch, see the standard COMP model for 7" or the EXT model for up to 5" of stretch.

    Special Price offer is only good while supplies last!


    • 1/8" thick Aluminum alloy tank is TIG welded.
    • There is a foam liner between the tank and skid plate.
    • Includes a heavy duty 3/16" thick steel skid plate.
    • Stainless steel straps hold tank in skid.
    • Includes (2) factory Mopar roll over / vent valves.
    • Internal baffles reduce fuel movement and keep fuel near the pick up.
    • 1" more ground clearance than stock and improved departure angle.
    • 10.5 gallon fuel capacity.
    • Mounts in stock tank location, with 4 of the factory bolts and 2 new forward mounts through the frame.
    • Stock mounting location keeps center of gravity low.
    • Designed to accept all the stock Jeep fuel pump/sensor and other related emissions equipment (so you will not get any check engine lights or other engine computer issues).
    • All tanks are 100% pressure tested.
    • Made in USA.

    Additional NOTES:

    • Because of shape and location changes, installation of this product WILL require changes to the last 14" of the exhaust tail pipe (but you might have already guessed that since you are cutting most of the rear off).
    • To install this tank in a 2003 or newer Jeep, it might require a small (1") body lift.
    • Fits well with Currie brand Anti-Rock type rear sway bars.
    • Due to the radical relocation of this tank (by about 9" rearward) the installer will need to carefully pull the fuel line and required electrical rearward to reconnect them to the fuel pump module. Not a problem there is plenty of length in the lines, it just needs to be done carefully.


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    1. Modifications needed to work with Rock Krawler's kit

      The tank was ordered and GenRight followed through with delivering on time (appreciate that). We then found out that the rock crawler x factor 8” stretch kit calls for the shocks to be mounted where the tank mounts. We wound up frenching shock towers into the rear of the frame (blocking the GenRight filler neck). We then had to TIG weld the filler neck to the front edge of the tank and run a hose in front of the frame bend. Quality product, but I mis-read Rock Krawler stretch kit part of the description. It works with GenRight's Rock Crawler kit, not Rock Krawler brand's kit. But we made it work! on Sep 24th 2018

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