VisionX 12" XPR Halo Spot LED Light bar

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This is the VisionX 12" XPR LED Light bar (XPR-H6S). It offers a big bang for the buck!

It features 6 Cree LEDs to deliver 60 watts of power, 4,431 effective lumens.

An evenly spread white halo, and tilted outer optics for wider coverage.

Upgraded for Ultimate Distance: 

The new XPR-S Light bar series provides the ultimate long distance light bar option with 40-90% more distance than the XPR Series. The XPR-S combines powerful 10 watt LED's with upgraded IRIS reflector technology to outshine and outlast the competition.

Dual Mounting Options: 

With dual mounting options of both end-cap mounting and patented mounting feet, this light bar is the ultimate solution for your truck, Jeep, or ATV.


  • Type : (6) 10-Watt Cree LED's
  • 12" XPR is only 11.5" x 3.19" x 3.14" in size
  • Ultimate Long Distance Projection
  • 6,474 Raw Lumens
  • 5A draw @ 12V
  • 2.84lbs
  • It has a IP68/69K rating for water and dust resistance
  • Includes VisionX's extended warranty is standard