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    This is the New sPOD "thin" mount switch panel.

    It is a fully programmable 8 circuit switching digitally controlled system. 

    The system utilizes automotive grade high-power, high-temp, ultra-reliable components with a maximum of 100 amps! The sPOD SourceSE is a fully programmable digital CAN-Bus controlled system utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. The entire system is vehicle specific (JK) and includes simple installation hardware.

    What's Included?

    • SourceSE (main power distribution box) w/mounting bracket and necessary hardware for a Jeep JK
    • Battery Cables
    • Inline 50amp auto reset Circuit Breaker
    • 10 Foot Ethernet control cable
    • 8 button HD Switch Panel w/mounting bracket (see picture)
    • Necessary mounting hardware
    • Labels for each of the 8 buttons (a sheet of 72 standard switch labels, reusable)
    • Installation Instructions
    • 100% Made in USA!


    SourceSE (power distribution box) Features:

    • Fully programmable Digitally controlled system.
    • 8 circuits, all rated @30amps @12.5vdc each.
    • “End-User” friendly terminal block for attaching accessories.
    • Expandable (Daisy Chained selectable) to up to 32 circuits with simple plug-n-play features!
    • Low voltage cutoff (LVCO) battery protection circuit has spec voltage cutoff at 11.2 VDC with a two-minute delay before shutting down the SourceSE. This is useful when you have accessories turned on while the vehicle is not running. When the vehicle starts, the accessories can then be used again. The low voltage battery protection circuit can be turned off with the DIP switches.
    • No more worrying about what rated fuse to install! The system will protect from 1.5 amps to 30 amps automatically. The SourceSE incorporates a failsafe self-healing fault protection system. Fuses have been eliminated (for all accessory outputs) and replaced with current-sensing MOSFETs controlled by a microprocessor. This is a great feature for low maintenance and troubleshooting
    • Shield receptacle for the optional Bluetooth module for a plug-n-play end-user upgrade. This creates a scalable platform for future optional enhancements.
    • One single ATM mini-style fuse for LVCO protection and reset.


    8 Button HD Switch Panel Features:

    • Encased in an aluminum billet machined housing, powder coated black, utilizing tactile switches encapsulated in silicone.
    • Silicone Buttons with positive touch feedback.
    • Panel is designed to withstand the harshest environments, including all weather conditions.
    • Compact in size: 2-7/8W x 4-7/8 L x ½” Thick (smaller than an iPhone).
    • Universal back with two pressed-in 1/4-20 studs x 5/8” inches long for flat mounting.
    • Standard universal articulating mount for a multitude of mounting options.
    • One standard RJ45 jack on back for communication cable between HD panel and the Source.
    • HD can be located up to 100 feet from the Source using standard CAT-6 Ethernet cable.
    • Built in Bluetooth LE allows you to program and control our system with iPhones, iPad, iPad Mini, sPOD HD app. (free download)
    • Each switch programmable for dimming, flash, momentary, strobe, and switch linking (program any switch to be a master to control other switches).
    • All 8 switches are backlit.
    • Adjustable timer to turn backlight off and a simple touch on any switch to reactivate.
    • Quickly turn backlight off by holding 2 designated buttons.
    • Backlight color & intensity can be changed to any color to match vehicle interior dash lighting.
    • Legends can be applied (comes standard with one sheet of 72 legends).
    • Each switch has 3 status lights: Red (left) = On, White (center) = Flash/Strobe active, Blue (right) = Active visual feedback when button is pushed.
    • Status lights can be dimmed.
    • Additional HD smart controller can be added for different locations.
    • One HD smart controller can be programmed to control up to 32 circuits
    • HD can run in conjunction with our SE Touchscreen, Bluetooth and SE 8 Switch panel.


    NOTE: Please indicate if you are running LUX Lighting Systems LED lights. We will include a resistor that is required in order for the lights to function properly.


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