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JK Front Bump Can Kit (Pair), 2 and 4 door

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This is the GenRight front bump stop kit for the front JK Elite Suspension System. It is a simple and low cost solution for bump stops on a Jeep!

Here is how it works: These Urethane Bump Stops fit in a KING 2.0" diameter air bump can. This allows you to "Upgrade" down the road to true air bumps when you can afford it!

  • A must for running coil over shocks.
  • Designed to key into the GenRight JK Front shock towers.
  • Includes (2) King single bolt in the end of the bump cans. 
  • Sold as a pair. 


  • Requires the cutting and welding to install bump stop mounting kit (part #:) for use.
  • Can be upgraded at a later date to 2x4" King air bump.
  • WILL NOT work with the FOX type air bumps cans!!!