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  • The GenRight Cage Harness Bar Kit includes aluminum side plates (as pictured) Pictured is all the parts included in the harness bar kit. Weld the tabs into place and attach the side plates. How it looks installed in the Jeep!


    Harness Bar Kit - TJ, LJ, YJ, CJ

    This is the GenRight Harness Bar Kit for the GenRight Off Road TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ Full roll cage kits.It is designed to put the shoulder harness mounting points in the proper position for the driver and passenger (front 2 seats).The kit...

  • GenRight GRC-5100 side plates Side Plates for Roll Cage Harness Bar Kit Kit includes aluminum side plates ONLY (as pictured) Tabs welded into position


    Side Plates for Roll Cage Harness Bar Kit

    This is the GenRight logo's aluminum side plates, just like we run on many of our GenRight Jeeps. These were made for the side of the GenRight Harness Bar Kit (GRC-2060) on the GenRight roll cage kits.FEATURES: Includes one L & R GR...

  • Behind the seat "X" bar for the GenRight YJ and CJ cages. Wise addition if you are out there going for the big stuff. Tubes are bent back to allow for plenty of seat clearance.


    Behind Seat "X" Bar Kit for YJ & CJ-7

    This is the GenRight Behind the seat "X" bar kit for the GenRight YJ and CJ Full roll cage kits.Kit includes 4 tubes that have been laser cut and mitered to fit the cage kit.It is made from heavy .120" thick wall 1-3/4" D.O.M. tubing...

  • TJ/YJ/CJ-7 Aluminum Roof for GenRight Roll Cages This customer painted his to match on his Jeep Underside of the GenRight Aluminum Roof for a TJ, YJ, CJ-7 Front View of the GenRight aluminum roof on a customers CJ-7


    TJ/YJ/CJ-7 Aluminum Roof for GenRight Roll Cages

    This is the aluminum roof for the GenRight TJ, YJ or CJ-7 roll cages! It fits tight to the top of the cage and provides additional protection in the event of a roll over, to keep harmful objects (rocks, etc.) from entering the passenger compartment...

  • Rocker Guard (rock slider) Backing Plates RCG5500 This is how they look after being installed and rhino lined. Here you can see how they are drilled and formed.


    TJ/YJ/CJ/LJ Rocker Guard Backing Plates

    This is a great upgrade for any of the GenRight rocker guards (aka: rock sliders). These backing plates are laser cut and formed from 3/16" thick steel for strength. It is similar to adding a big fender washer, but larger and stronger to pull more of...

  • GenRight Mini Boat Side Rockers with side bar (steps). The Mini Boat Side Rockers is what Tony ran on the Growler GR Mini Boat Side Rockers are shown here installed. Mini Boat Side Rockers allow for 1.5" more ground clearance The same Rockers Jordan used on his 4500 class car


    Mini Boat Side Rocker Guards w/Bars, TJ/YJ/CJ

    These are the newest rockers available from GR for Jeeps! GenRight Off Road has designed a "Mini Boat Side" Rocker Guards offer over 1" more ground clearance than a conventional rocker guard (rock slider) right at the outside corner where they...

  • GenRight's Standard Wheelbase Rocker Guards for the Jeep TJ, YJ, & CJ-7 Dimple Die step provides dependable traction Here you can see how cleanly they mount on the Jeep Bar is angled to increase clearance. This is a close up of the entry step (with dimple die grippers) on the GenRight rockers


    TJ/YJ/CJ Rocker Guards w/Bars (Standard Wheelbase)

    This is the GenRight rocker protection for the Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997 - 2006). Designed for the TJ, but will fit the YJ & CJ7. Just like the rocker guards we have used on all our GenRight Jeeps for years. It will protect the sides of your Jeep's tub...

  • Dash V-bar for the Jeep YJ and CJ GenRight roll cage kits Shown here in the GenRight built Growler YJ out on the trail Tony used all the optional tubes on the roll cage in his Jeep YJ


    Dash "V" Bar Kit, YJ & CJ

    This is the dash V bar kit for the GenRight brand YJ & CJ roll cages.It is made from heavy .120" thick wall tubing.FEATURES: 1" diameter tubing. Tubes are laser cut and notched for an exact fit in your GenRight cage. These bars are...

  • Optional C-pillar add on bar, ties the two C-pillars together Pictured here with optional tube couplers installed on each end to make it removable.


    Behind Seat Bar, C Pillar

    This is the GenRight behind the seat bar for any TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ GenRight cage C-Pillar. Additional tube adds strength to the rear section of the roll cage. Tony recommends on every cage.FEATURES: Cut to length (to fit GenRight FULL cage kits)...

  • GenRight's 4" wide Aluminum Rear Tube Flares 4" wide Aluminum Rear Tube Flares on Jeep with 37" MTR tires GenRight 4" Flare Rear Tube Fenders - Aluminum Shown with TFR-1030 rear, and standard front fenders. Rear view of 4" wide rear flares


    Jeep TJ/LJ/YJ/CJ 4" Flare Rear Tube Fenders - Aluminum

    These aluminum 4" Flare Tube Fender Flares are sold in pairs, and built from tough 3/16" thick wall aluminum tubing & 1/8" thick plate, these flares will let you cover you tires on your favorite trail obstacles. These Tube Fenders are easy to...

  • GenRight's 6" wide Rear Tube Flare in steel 6" rear tube flare on a Jeep Basic dimensions of the GenRight 6" wide rear flares Compare all our different flare models with a 37" and a 42" tire in them


    Jeep TJ/LJ/YJ/CJ 6" Flare Rear Tube Fenders - Steel

    This is the GenRight 6" wide REAR Tube Flare(s). Sold in pairs, these tube flares are a great way to replace trail damaged fenders and/or flares and freshen up the look of your rig, while adding durability!FEATURES: 6" wide flat style top plate...

  • TFR-1000, Jeep TJ/LJ/YJ/CJ 4" Flare Rear Tube Fenders - Steel 4" GenRight Tube Flare fitted to a set of steel Corner Guards. Jeep TJ/LJ/YJ/CJ 4" Flare Rear Tube Fenders - Steel Painted Red This is the GenRight 4" rear flare with a 40" MTR tire. Basic dimensions for the GenRight 4" wide rear tube flare in steel or aluminum


    Jeep TJ/LJ/YJ/CJ 4" Flare Rear Tube Fenders - Steel

    This is the 4" wide Steel Rear Tube Fender Flares from GenRight Off Road. They will fit Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ, and Jeep CJ. They are built from heavy duty 1/8" thick wall steel tubing and plate to protect your Jeep in the tightest situations, and they are...

  • Aluminum Gas Cap and Filler Kit (Jeep YJ/CJ Pictured) Typical install on a stretched TJ, YJ ot CJ Still easy to access for filling, but recessed so it does not hit the tire Aluminum Gas Cap and Filler Kit (Jeep TJ/LJ '97-'02 Pictured) Kunrled cap for grip, sealed with a premium o-ring to keep dirt out


    Aluminum Gas Cap & Filler Kit w/ Vent

    This is the GenRight Billet Aluminum Gas Cap & Filler assembly. It's compact design solves a problem for stretched Jeeps with big tires! It is mounted above the frame inside the rear inner fender well (as pictured). The entire assembly is...

  • Spiderweb Shade for the GenRight Roll Cages The mesh provides shade while still allowing light to pass through

    SpiderWeb Shade

    SpiderWeb Shade for GenRight TJ, YJ & CJ Cages

    This is the Spiderweb Shade specifically sized to fit the GenRight TJ, YJ or CJ-7 Roll Cages.  This is a shade top that will not flap in the wind while driving (yes quiet)! This high quality top requires NO windshield header. The mesh...

  • GenRight Jeep TJ floor plate assembly This is where it is installed in the rear of the cargo area floor of an '05 TJ When the cover plate is installed it only sticks up 1/8" above the top of the ribs in the floor


    Fuel Pump Access Panel for the Jeep TJ, YJ and CJ-7

    This is the GenRight Off Road rear floor access plate/mount for the Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep YJ or Jeep CJ-7 (all models 1976 to 2006). It allows you access to the top of the fuel tank (pump, electrical, hoses, vents, etc) without dropping the entire fuel...

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