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  • GenRight Off Road's Universal Transmission Crossmember Kit Stock belly skid plate and trans mount in an '06 LJ Rubicon with a 6 speed manual. GenRight BKT-1050 in '06 LJ Rubicon with the 6 speed manual. GenRight BKT-1050 cross member and SKP-2500 belly skid on '06 LJ Rubicon w/6 speed manual. 2 cross member kits were used to hold the transmission and the ASR-390 Atlas T-case support


    Universal Transmission Crossmember Kit

    This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) Universal Cross Member Kit to hold up your transmission (or transfer case). We have designed this kit to be compatible with a wide variety of engine and transmission configurations used in off road Jeeps. The cross...

  • SKP-2600 Engine Skid Builders Kit GenRight's Engine Skid kit protects the engine and transmission GenRight's Engine Skid kit installed on a Jeep Our engine skid is proven at KOJ by 4600 Class winners!


    Engine/Transmission Skid Plate Kit

    This is the GenRight Engine Skid Plate Kit for a Jeep. It is a universal kit, and was designed to work with our 3 Link front suspension (but might work with other kits). It is a tube frame with a 1/4" thick aluminum plate that is used to protect the...

  • Gas Tank Skid Plate for the Jeep CJ-7 How the skid plate look on Jeep with Leaf Springs


    Crawler™ Skid Plate - CJ

    This is the GenRight Crawler™ Heavy Duty 3/16" thick gas tank skid plate for the Jeep CJ-7 (1974 to 1986). It will fit the stock 20 gallon plastic gas tank or it can be upgraded at a later date to our 20 gallon aluminum Crawler Enduro tank...

3 of 3 Items