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Scosche PowerUp 600 Torch Battery Bank & Jump Starter

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The PowerUp 600 Car Jumper/Powerbank/Flashlight is the compact, lightweight answer to vehicle emergency situations.

• High-Capacity 29.6 Wh Lithium-Polymer with a peak jump starting current of 600 Amps, 2000mAh
• Remarkable, Spark-Free 6-Point safety protection system Provides maximum peace of mind
• Jump starts a wide array of vehicles: Up to 5.0L V8 (gas) and 2.0L (diesel)
• Ultra-bright LED flashlight rated at 8W, 1250 Lux, 18Ft
• 5V / 2.4A USB port for charging your smartphones, tablets, GPS, and other electronic devices
• Portable and durable design

• Against short circuit, reverse connection, reverse charge, overheating and overcurrent
• Built in Time-Out function automatically shuts off once vehicle has started

Includes: Flashlight/Powerbank/Jump Starter, Jump Start Cables, USB-A Car Charger, and USB-A to USB-C Cable