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JL EXS Coilover Suspension System (4 Door)

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Been thinking about a coil over conversion for your Jeep Wrangler JL?

Well after years of engineering, GenRight has developed the most advanced and durable coil over conversion on the market!

This is the JL EXS (Elite Xtreme Suspension) Coil Over, Long Arm & Long Travel Suspension "System" for the Jeep Wrangler JL 4 door (fits 2018 to Current).

This is the same thing Tony runs on the GenRight Aftershock Jeep JL.

This is the best suspension you could build or buy for a Jeep Wrangler JL!


Low ride height, this suspension sits 1.5" lower than our race proven JK Elite suspension and bumps 3.5" deeper.

18" to 20" belly height and only 80" tall with hard top on 40" tires.

Great for on and off road driving.

Racing quality coil over shocks are moved all the way out to the wheels for the best spring and dampening control. This provides the driver a positive and predictable feel.

True dual rate spring rates that are also adjustable (preload and where second rate kicks in).

This JL system includes a NEW frame, which is built in a precision jig and welded here at GenRight by our craftsmen.

Replacement frame has entire suspension welded in place, this significantly cuts install time where the drivetrain and body just need to be transfer onto a complete rolling chassis, that can be done in 4 days.

Unlike other "kits" on the market that bolt to existing mounting brackets on the thin stock frame, this suspension "system" that was designed to provide optimal suspension geometry and a smooth non-binding movement through the entire stroke of the suspensions travel (aka: articulation).

We designed this system and place the shocks in the optimal position to provide your vehicle the best articulation and dampening control for the best and most balanced ride.

Yes, this package, replaces the entire Front and Rear suspension on your Jeep (JL) with the best components on the market and gets your Jeep RIGHT the First Time!


  • (1) Heavy Duty 3/16" thick frame w/integrated high clearance front bumper.
  • (1) Front 3 link Suspension (plus trac bar).
  • (1) Rear 4 link Double Triangulated Suspension (with adjustable anti-squat).
  • (14) Genuine Rock Jock Johnny Joints with 1-1/4" shanks (left & right hand thread) for easy adjust-ability.
  • (7) 7075 Aluminum control arms.
  • (1) Currie Extreme high pinion 60 with 35 spline shafts and locking hubs.
  • (1) CrMo High Steering kit with genuine FK Heim rod ends.
  • (1) Currie Extreme high pinion 70 with 40 spline axles and full float hubs.
  • (1) Front Coil over shock towers.
  • (1) Rear Coil over shock towers.
  • (4) Bump Can Mounts (King Shock style).
  • (1) Transmission Mount.
  • (1) 3/8" Aluminum Flat Belly Skid Plate (removable for easy access to service).
  • (1) Engine & Transmission skid plate.
  • (4) King 2.5" Coil Over Shocks w/ Remote Reservoir and Springs (but 3.0" IBP's are optional).
  • (4) King 2.0" Hydraulic Air Bumps.
  • (1) Hi Clearance 23 Gallon GenRight Gas Tank with Skid Plate.
  • (1) Front Control Arm Mounts w/integrated bump pads (Axle Side).
  • (1) Rear Control Arm Mounts w/integrated bump pads (Axle Side).
  • (4) Axle limit straps, quad wrap (front & rear).
  • (1) Rear Sway Bar (no front sway bar necessary).
  • (2) Rear Shock Tower Covers (to match the interior).
  • (1) All new Grade 8 mounting hardware.
  • (1) Set of detailed installation instructions.
  • 100% Made in USA!

This JL ELITE kit is the equivalent of a 3.0" lift. It is recommended for Jeep JL's with up to 40" tall tires (requires Aftermarket axles).

118" wheelbase (front axle is moved forward approx. 2" to accommodate  bigger tire size).

All the kit pieces are made from heavy duty materials that have been proven on and off-road for years.


  • This kit was designed in Solidworks to work with the factory Jeep 3.6L V6 gas engine. Sorry, we will not be supporting the other engine options (at this time).
  • This suspension must be used with Currie 60/70 front & rear axles. The rotated diff covers to provide the extra clearance for a lower ride height and more up travel.
  • We order these axles from Currie built to our own "GenRight specifications" (width, offset, pinion angles, upper control arm mounts, diff covers and castor) to utilize the full potential of this kit, you must get the axles from us! Clearances were designed for less than 1/16" between all of the moving components.
  • The Currie 70 rear axle is 40 spline Full Float style hub.
  • This includes a complete new heavy duty replacement frame.
  • The kit will also require some cutting of the inner fender wells to accommodate your out board rear shocks and tires.
  • This kit requires removal of the factory fuel tank and switching to the GenRight JL tank (23 gallon) which is mounted behind the rear axle (still under the body).
  • This kit will require modifying the exhaust in several locations.
  • The kit is not compatible with body lifts; we do not recommend a body lift on a JL.
  • This kit is designed to retain the factory steering box location. We always recommend upgrading to the PSC Hydro Assist conversion kit.
  • Changing the tire size and gears will require re-calibration of the factory Jeep computer with a Tazer mini programmer (about $149).
  • A GenRight staff member will contact you to discuss the specifics of your build to tailor the shocks and various other part options to best suit your intended use.
  • If you have more questions please call and speak to one of our experts at 805-584-8635.
  • If you choose to use non recommended parts (i.e. Engine, Axles, Steering, Wheels, etc.) we can not tech support your install.

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