The Difference

Not all products are created equal...

GenRight is short for Genuine Ideas Engineered Right.

When shopping it is really hard to compare different companies and their parts – it is NOT easy to compare apples to apples.

• We are committed to excellent customer service on the phone, in person, and online.

• Our experts live, eat & breathe Jeeps, meaning they are equipped with the knowledge to build your Jeep the right way.

• Our products are all designed in-house using the factory Jeep Chrystler CAD files, making for a consistent, precision fit product.

• We use nothing but the best materials and components during manufacturing, for dependable performance both on and off road.

• 100% made in the USA by some of the finest craftsmen in the world.

 2. Compare what makes GenRight’s parts better?

  • We focus on function first and pay attention to the details!
  • We designed as a system (not Frankenstein’d together) so we know it all works together.
  • We take no compromises:
    • You can only do so much with factory bracket locations.
    • We were frustrated with other companies out dated designs and incomplete products with no instructions.
    • Machined parts (our tow points).
    • We offer the highest quality off-road parts made out of the strongest metals & materials.
    • Better quality hardware (bolts and nuts) Stainless steel or Grade 8 with Uni-torque nuts
  • We build all our parts in a fixture, so quality, fit and finish is maintained.
  • Racing has taught us to over build everything. We view racing is an accelerated R&D platform for us. It is a great way bench mark and set new standards for product performance, beyond what we think our customers would expect. GenRight Off Road not only produces suspension components, but also races on them. This gives us thousands of hours of torture testing, that no computer program can simulate the wear and tear of actual real world off road abuse that comes from racing. Racing also provides us the opportunity to work with and test other companies products which we are involved with and who we believe in.