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About Us

GenRight Off Road was founded by Tony Pellegrino when he realized the lack of quality and ingenuity that the majority of the off road market had to offer. 

It all started with the Crawler™ Gas Tank.


This evolved into what GenRight is today. We have taken our knowledge from wheeling, racing, and testing for over 15 years, and provided our customers products that will hold up to whatever abuse they can dish out.


We take pride in the fact that all our products are manufactured 100% in the USA, by the finest craftsmen, welders, and fabricators in America.

Our saying is "Do it right the first time", and our goal is to help you do that with our 15+ years of knowledge, on-point customer service, and products that have been race tested and trail proven.




GenRight is short for Genuine Ideas Engineered RightGenRight Off Road, Inc. is a privately held company, which is based in Simi Valley CA. 

Since 2006 GenRight has been committed to building the best and most innovative Jeep parts and accessories for the Jeep enthusiast to enjoy in everyday life or wherever your next adventure may take you.

GenRight products are designed to withstand the terrain of the daily commute to the exploration on a back country off road trail. We test our products in the real world, at The Hammers, which are some of the hardest rock crawling trails in the United States. GenRight productions are built to functionally take a beating while aesthetically give your Jeep the look you want at the price that won’t dent your pocket book.

Our 25,000 square foot facility incorporates not just our production line, warehouse and front office, it also includes a service / build shop where we can install GenRight Off Road products, including our complete suspension and body armor build on your Jeep.

Our American-Made products have been featured in every  off-road magazine including CRAWL, JP Magazine, DUB Magazine, and 4Wheeler Magazine. GenRight products have also been featured on and on Xtreme 4x4, Pirate 4x4 and Four Wheeler TV shows since 2006. Watch GenRight Videos on your YouTube channel to learn more about how GenRight Off Road can take your Jeep to the next level.

See a gallery of the GenRight Jeeps.

Our Staff has several key people who share the passion for Jeeps and off-roading to help you!

Call us at 805-584-8635 between the hours of 8am and 5pm PST.

Email us by typing the persons "first" name "name"

Tony Pellegrino Pres & Founder, x310 or tony@ Andrew Harris Inside Sales, x301 or andrew@
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Rob Lawson GM, x314 or rob@ Jeff Perkins

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Cory Kaiser Public Relations Debbie Pellegrino

Co-CFO, x309

Richard Hunt R&D, CAD Designer Joey Bickers Purchasing, x313
Darren Ruzicka R&D and Race Crew Chief Jordan Pellegrino Race & Events
Jami Pellegrino Photo / Video / Design Cameron Harris

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Val Hager Accounting, x302 Val Douglas

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Today: GenRight offers the most complete line of aftermarket off-road Jeep products available (and in stock)! Everyone you can talk to at GenRight drives a Jeep and are proud to be making/selling top quality American-Made Jeep products! GenRight's products are sold and installed by over 150 off-road shops nationwide and distributed worldwide to 15 different countries. We are also a proud official sponsors of the Ultra4 Race series and members of SEMA, ORBA, CORVA and Cal4 Wheel (among others).

A little History: GenRight Off Road was founded by Tony Pellegrino in 2006. He was intent on building a company up to design, manufacturer, assemble and distribute the best Jeep products available on the market. Tony has over 30 years of business experience manufacturing all types of products from a variety of industries. He is often at the industry off-road events himself and ready to demonstrate the company's products to the public. Tony has been off-roading since the 1970s and is a serious wheeler himself, having raced in and finished King of the Hammers (KOH) eight times! Tony continually applies his years of experience out on the trails to verify which products work and which products don't.

Several years back, Tony developed his first Jeep product (before GenRight existed) which was a bolt-on external roll cage called the "XO Bar system", followed shortly thereafter by the Crawler Extreme (or "EXT") gas tank which gave enthusiasts the ability to stretch their Jeeps. The gas tanks were an immediate hit and now we offer a complete line of parts and equipment to build what we call the next level Jeep for serious off-roading or rock crawling.

Please come see our quality line of Jeep products and accessories at any of the off-road events, where we plan to have a display booth set up.

Feel free to call 805-584-8635 or contact us with any questions you may have. To learn more about runs, events, the latest news, and working at GenRight, please check out our Runs & Events, Press & Media and Employment pages.