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Hello, welcome to the GenRight Off Road Frequently Asked Questions page. Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions:

What's the difference between steel and aluminum?

What parts are on the GenRight Jeeps?

Why do I need bigger axles?

If I buy an aluminum product, do I have to leave it the raw, silver color?

Why is my GenRight Swing Out Tire Carrier hard to open?

Why do I need to stretch the wheelbase of my Jeep?

Do I need to change the Gas Tank to move my axle back?

What is the benefit to Coil Overs?

How much “Lift” does the GenRight Elite/Legend suspension equate to?

Do I have to run Hi-Fenders with GenRight suspension?

Does the GenRight suspension add ground clearance?

Do you offer a Double Triangulated rear 4-Link kit?

Will your Elite or Legend Suspension fit a CJ-7?

Why are Heim rod ends better than tie rod ends?

Can I run an in tank fuel pump?

How big of a V8 can I run on the stock Jeep fuel pump?

Can I get a copy of instructions in advance?

Can I run an in-tank fuel pump?

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Q: What's the difference between Steel and Aluminum?

A: Metal is metal right? No, aluminum weighs 2/3’s less than steel. In most cases the aluminum products we make are stronger than what it is bolted to on the Jeep! Fact is, a lighter vehicle performs better. On a 4 door JK you can save up to 600lbs by using aluminum over steel! Aluminum is also corrosion resistant, meaning you can leave it raw, or paint it, but it will not rust over time.


Q: Why do I need bigger axles?

A: If you increase horsepower or go to bigger tires (37" diameter or bigger), then you need bigger axles!

There are other other benefits than just increased strength:

  • The extra weight is down low (it is like adding a 200lb guy on your front bumper).
  • Dana 60 knuckles turn 10 degrees sharper than Dana 44.
  • Bigger axle shafts and gears.
  • Bigger brakes (to help stop the bigger tires).
  • Locking hubs (allow the driveline to freewheel on the street for less drag).
  • Wider axle, allows for a deeper backspaced wheel and reduces tire scrub.
  • Larger gears allow for high pinion in the rear (reducing the drive shaft's angle and vibration).
  • High steer knuckles, allow for the steering to be higher up out of harms way.


Q: If I buy an aluminum product, do I have to leave it the raw, silver color?

A: No, you do not have to leave it silver. The aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, so we leave it raw. However, if you choose, you can paint or powder coat any of the GenRight aluminum Jeep parts and accessories the color of your choice, just as you could with steel.


Q: My GenRight Swing Out Tire Carrier is harder to open and close, What's wrong with it?

A:Nothing is wrong with the jeep tire carrier. It is designed to be adjustable, it probably just needs to be adjusted properly, or re-adjusted. The upper hinge on the passenger side is slotted, so all you need to do is open the tire carrier just enough so it is out of the driver side hinge, grab a buddy and have him lift on the open end of the carrier while you loosen the upper passenger side bolt. Make sure he is lifting (with the tire in the carrier) and re-tighten the loosened passenger side bolt. If the carrier still won't close smoothly, repeat the process, and have your buddy lift slightly harder as you loosen and re-tighten the upper passenger side.

Click Here to watch a short video that demonstrates adjustment.


Q: Why do I need to stretch the wheelbase of my Jeep?

A: In very simple terms... you need to do it to maintain the same height to length ratio the Jeep came with from the factory. As we lift the vehicle and put on bigger tires, the Jeep becomes more unstable. GenRight makes all the necessary parts to restore the ratio (or improve upon it) increasing the street and trail worthiness To learn more about stretching your Jeep click here.


Q: Do I need to change the Gas Tank to move the axle back?

A: Yes, your axle is almost right up against the Jeep factory gas tank skid plate. So if you go with a bigger rear axle (like a Dana 60) or you want to move the rear axle back, then yes. This is actually how GenRight got started, Tony installed a bigger axle and it hit the gas tank! So, if you want to keep your back seat (or the cargo area) then YES. We make several different custom jeep gas tanks that are "reshaped" to fit around the rear axle (click here to see the tanks).This allows you to slide your axle backward and still keep the tank under the Jeep in the stock location.


Q: What is the benefit of going to a coil over shock on my Jeep?

A: There are several benefits:

  • True Dual rate springs
  • Adjustability (internally and externally)
  • Serviceability
  • We spec our own valving and hose fittings specific to the demands of a Jeep

The main reason to convert your Jeep over to a coil over shock is that it is a compact package. In our kits we can move the spring and dampening control directly out to the wheel (on the axle). This gives the vehicle the best stability and dampening control, making the Jeep feel much more stable and predictable. Besides a KING or FOX brand coil over shock is manufacturered to a much higher quality standard and provides 10x better dampening control than any regular shock that is mounted inboard on the axle.


Q: How much lift does the GenRight Elite or Legend Suspension kit have?

A: The GenRight Elite or Legend Jeep suspension kit is the equivalent to a 4" lift. However the installer can easily adjust that up or down to achieve the Jeep owner's preferred ride height. Fact is, with the GenRight flat belly skid and 40" tall tires - it is the perfect height to length ratio for the optimal "breakover".


Q: Will I have to run your Hi-Fender Kit if I put in this suspension?

A: No, in fact many of our GenRight Jeeps still run the standard height tube fenders. That being said, it does depend on the size tires you want to run and the height which you want the vehicle to sit. See more information here. Call in to speak to one of our Jeep experts for more detailed help that is specific to your vehicle.


Q: Does the GenRight kit provide more ground clearance?

A: Yes, we gain more ground clearance in many areas. First, our custom Jeep gas tanks have 1" more clearance. Second, all the lower control arm mounts are mounted flush with the bottom of the axles. Third, the lower shock mounts do not hang below the bottom of the axle tube.


Q: Do you guys offer a Double Triangulated 4 Link rear kit for TJ's & YJ's?

A: Yes, this is the same kit we run in our Red YJ and our 4500 Class Ultra4 racer. A double triangulated 4 link rear suspension will provide the best off-road performance. But it is best for a Jeep that will be driven the majority of its life off-road. This type of rear suspension moves so freely it can be "very knife edgeish" on the highway. Therefore if you are doing the majority of your driving on the street (more of a Dual Sport rig), then buy our standard Triangulated 4 Link kit we offer.


Q: Will your Elite or Legend Coil Over Suspension kit fit my CJ-7?

A: Yes, but the kit was designed for a TJ and a YJ. So there will be some necessary minor mods. You need to advise your salesperson when ordering so they can include the necessary brackets your particular Jeep build requires. Keith installed the kit on his Retro Rocker CJ-7 over 6 years ago!


Q: Steering: Why Heim rod ends over Tie Rod ends?

A: We prefer the heims over tie rod ends for our Jeeps. Heims got a bad reputation a long time ago from people who bought cheap heims. We only use and only sell the FK brand CrMo heims. These are aircraft grade and far superior to standard or heavy duty tie rod ends. Want more proof than that? We use the same 7/8" FK heims on our 4400 Ultra4 Racer at over 130mph in the desert. You are not going to do that with tie rod ends.


Q: Can I run an in-tank fuel pump?

A: Yes, if your Jeep did not come from the factory with an in-tank pump, it is now possible to convert your Jeep over to an in-tank pump with all GenRight gas tanks. We build each tank to use the factory YJ in-tank fuel module in all our CJ and YJ tanks. Fact is, pumps were made to push fuel not pull - so the in-tank fuel pump is better and runs more reliably.


Q: How big of a V8 can I run on the stock in-tank Jeep fuel pump?

A: You can run all the way up to a 5.7L engine with the correct pressure and volume. That being said, if your current in-tank fuel pump is over 5 years old - replace it with a fresh unit. Bigger engines require a new higher volume & higher pressure pump unit to be installed on the in-tank pump module for about $200 (Walboro brand In-tank fuel pump Type F #9000262).


Q: Can I get a copy of your instructions in advance?

A: Nope, that is something that comes with each product when purchased. If you lost your copy, call 805-584-8635 to get a new copy emailed to you.


Q: I want to build a replica of one of the GenRight Jeeps, What parts do I need?

A: Great Question! Here's a list of some of the GR Jeeps, Just click your choice and see the parts list.

Terremoto Jeep JKU

BowTie Jeep TJ

Growler Jeep YJ

Triton Jeep JKU

Wolverine Jeep JKU

Envy Jeep TJ

Andrew's Jeep LJ Unlimited

Retro Rocker Jeep CJ-7