Our Universal & DIY components are all Trail Tested & Race Proven components that we have assembled into packages that allow you the freedom to suit your own needs.

Our 3-Link and 4-Link kits have optimized geometry that reduces rear steer and implements optimal anti-squat properties, with completely bind-free travel and articulation. The kits also allow you to stretch your wheelbase if you choose.

We also offer builders parts, gussets, shock mount kits, and more. Whatever it is, we have you covered.

  • GenRight Off Road's Universal Transmission Crossmember Kit Side view of the GenRight cross member holding trans and t-case in a Jeep build. Close up of the Urethane mount & tabs on each side of this universal cross member kit. Weld the tabs to the inside of the frame so there is clearance for your exhaust. GenRight BKT-1050 in '06 LJ Rubicon with the 6 speed manual.


    Universal Transmission Crossmember Kit

      This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) Universal Cross Member Kit to hold up your transmission (or transfer case). We have designed this kit to be compatible with a wide variety of engine and transmission configurations used in off road Jeeps. The...

  • Universal LED License Plate Light w/ Brake Light LED 3rd brake light on at night Here you can see the LED license plate light and 3rd brake light on at night Close up view of how this compact LED light looks and mounts. LED1650 license plate light with 3rd brake light.


    LED License Plate Light w/Long Harness

    This is a universal LED License light that cleanly mounts behind your rear license plate (that is necessary to be legal on the street). Designed to be used when running LED tail lights which eliminate the normal license plate light (off the...

  • Maxbilt LED Tail Lights are surface mount, no drilling. Here you can see running and stop lights at night. Shown here on the GenRight Terremoto JK 4 stages on the LED tail lights (off, stop, running and reverse)


    Maxbilt LED Tail Lights, Surface Mount

      This is a surface mounted LED tail light from Maxbilt LED (Light Emitting Diode) tail light for a Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ-7 (and JK in our corner guards). This is a manufacturer for GenRight that offers a no bones about it lifetime...

  • Genuine Rock Jock (Currie) Johnny Joint CE-9114 with 1-1/4"-12 shank How it works: special compound urethane, sintered metal ball, washers and clip Johnny Joints on both ends of GenRight 7075 aluminum control arms Johnny used on an upper control arm of a suspension Johnny Joints on double triangulated rear suspension


    Johnny Joint, 1-1/4 Shank by Rock Jock

      This is a genuine Rock Jock Johnny Joint (by John Currie) with a 1-1/4-12 threaded shank for suspension control arms. A Johnny Joint is a suspension end designed to smoothly rotate up to 30 degrees without binding (or degrading...

  • Threaded Step Bungs (Each) - Multiple Sizes 7/8-14 Weld in bung on a steering tie rod and drag link 1-1/4-12 Weld in bung on a control arm with a flex joint 1/2-20 Weld in bung on the end of a sway bar link


    Threaded Step Race Bungs (Each) - Multiple Sizes

    This is a top quality weld-in tube insert or bung (aka; threaded insert). They are CNC machined from cold rolled steel can be MIG or TIG welded into the end of your tubing. The hex head on the end of the bungs we sell stays exposed after being welded...

    $9.99 - $21.98
  • Updated design features a rubberized "GR" logo patch Patch detail Great for the driver and passenger! Perfect for leaning out to see where the tire is! Padded arm rest even on JL half doors


    Padded Arm Rest for Half Doors (Pair) Black

    This is the cool Jeep accessory you have been looking for! Tired of leaning your arm on a thin or sharp edged metal half door? These padded arm rests will add a new level of comfort to your next trail ride. It simply fits into the existing holes...

  • GenRight's Outboard Rear Shock Mount Kit Close up of JIG welded lower shock mounts, included in this kit. TJ/LJ/YJ/CJ Universal Outboard Rear Shock Mount Kit (Shocks not included) Lower shock mount installs on the back side of the rear axle tube. Outboard Rear Shock Mount Kit Mid-Install (Bump Cans not Included)


    Universal Outboard Rear Shock Mount Kit

    The GenRight outboard rear shock mount kit for the Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ-7 was designed to accept 2.0" coil over shocks. It is a perfect way to convert your rig to Coilover shocks! The clean and simple design which "frenches"...

  • GST4053 and GST2053 Frame Sleeves w/ Hardware Close up of the sleeve on forward gas tank mount Sleeve shown here on tank mount. Shown here where they would go thru the frame, on each side


    GST4053 and GST2053 Frame Sleeves

    This is the Frame Sleeve kit for the Jeep TJ or YJ. It necessary if bolting up a GenRight gas tank through the factory frame to keep from crushing the frame when tightening to two forward bolts on the skid plate. One sleeve and bolt is used per side...

  • Fuel Pump Access Panel for the Jeep LJ GenRight's fuel tank access plate is cut into the rear floor section of a Jeep LJ


    Fuel Pump Access Panel for the Jeep LJ

    This is the GenRight Off Road rear floor access plate for the wider floor ribs on the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ (all models 2003 to 2006). It allows you access to the top of the fuel tank (pump, electrical, hoses, vents, etc) without...

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    Limit strap Example of center mounted limit strap Example of mounting a limit strap to protect front shock Example of mounting a limit strap to protect the rear shocks Limit strap tab welded to the in inside of the frame.


    PRP Quad Wrap Limit Strap (6"-20")

    This is a heavy duty competition quality "quad wrap" type limit strap. We recommend these straps be used at each wheel and on wheelbases shorter than 110", in the centers of the axles. This will remove all the unnecessary stress from your shocks and...

  • GenRight's billet aluminum fairlead Haus for synthetic winch lines Billet aluminum fairlead Haus for use with synthetic winch lines GenRight's billet aluminum fairlead for synthetic winch lines


    GR Aluminum Winch Fairlead

    This is the GenRight Aluminum Winch Fairlead to be used with synthetic winch lines, just like we use on all the GenRight Jeeps.FEATURES  Made from 3/4" thick Aluminum alloy  CNC Machined   Recessed (flush with front...

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    SSV MRB3 Display / Controller is fully sealed and has a back lit LED screen SSV MRB3 Bluetooth System Controller w/Screen with 4 Channel Amp Shown Installed in a Jeep Wrangler TJ using the GenRight aluminum radio plate Shown Installed in a Jeep Wrangler TJ on a black GenRight radio plate The LCD display is compact.

    SSV Works

    SSV MRB3 Bluetooth Audio w/ Screen & Amp

    Looking for a weather & dust proof solution for your Jeep? Well, this is Tony's favorite! This is a surface mounted display that replaces the traditional "stereo head unit" Your Jeep's new "stereo music" will be connected via Bluetooth...

    Was: $299.99
    Now: $229.99
  • This is how the kit comes, un-assembled This is what the kit looks like after welding GenRight Front 3 Link frame mounting brackets GenRight Front 3 Link frame mounting brackets This is how the frame side 3 link brackets lay out


    3 Link Front Bracket Kit, Chassis side (Unwelded)

    This is what the public has been asking for! A low cost DIY "builders kit" of our popular 3 link Front suspension brackets (not welded). We have figured out all the mounting points for proper geometry (bump steer, anti-squat, etc.) to make your rig a...

  • 1.5" - 2" Tubing Couplers (Sold Each)


    1.5" - 2" Tubing Couplers (Each)

    This is a Tube Coupler. They are designed to be strong and perfect for use in situations where you need a removable tube. Simply weld (MIG or TIG) each side into the tube you want to remove. These couplers are meant for use with .120 wall tubing (1.5",...

    $49.99 - $54.99
  •  Bluesea Below Deck 12V DC & USB Power Panel 12V DC & Dual 2.1A USB Chargers Built in 2A Fuse & 15A Circuit Breaker Dimensions


    Bluesea Below Deck 12V DC & USB Power Panel

    This is a marine quality Universal 12V power panel for your Jeep Wrangler/Jeep Rubicon. FEATURES: The Blue Sea "Below Deck Panel" is a compact, easy to install DC charging center. The 12 Volt Cig Socket from Blue Sea Systems is designed to...

  • Universal Removable Harness Bar w/ 2 bolt Flat Flange Option (OEM or GR) This is how you fit the GenRight harness bar to the stock roll bar. Place the harness bar tube and 2 bolt flange on stock cage and drill holes for weld-in bungs. This is how 2 bolt flange fits on tube, once cut to length. The green bar behind the front seats on the B-pillar is this bar kit. 2 bolt flat flange style.


    Removable Harness Bar Kit

    This is a low cost way for a do-it -yourselfer to add-on a harness bar into your Jeep's roll cage. We now offer a Universal Harness Bar Kit that will allow you to put it in for the big wheeling trips and/or remove it for everyday life around town. The...

    $119.99 - $199.99
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    Rear Support for an Atlas Transfer Case Support Ring on our BKT-1050 cross member kit. Here you can see the support ring installed Holding the rear of the T-case with our double triangulated 4 link rear suspension Holding the rear of the T-case with our double triangulated 4 link rear suspension


    Atlas Transfer Case Support Ring Kit

    This is the GenRight Atlas transfer case rear support. We run this on all our GenRight Jeeps and Ultra4 off-road race cars. Take the stress off the rear section of your (aluminum) transmission housing by supporting the transfer case with this support...

  • Twisted Pitman Arm with Removal Tool Arm is twisted for optimal geometry and range of motion from the heim rod end GenRight Twisted Pitman Arm has it's own threaded section for the removal tool Mounted here on a TJ with 5/8" hi misalignment heim on drag link Here you can see the heims are in their neutral position on the drag link


    GenRight Twisted Pitman Arm w/Removal Tool

      This is the innovative Twisted Pitman Arm with Removal Tool from GenRight Off Road! This will correct the stress caused by issues inherent in long travel suspension systems using heims. How? We twisted (or rotated) the drag link...

  • GenRight's Jeep TJ Frame Side Trac bar mount kit. Inside of GenRight's Jeep TJ Frame Side Trac bar mount pieces assembled for picture. GenRight's TJ / LJ Frame Side Trac bar mount pieces as supplied in the kit. GenRight's TJ Frame Side Trac bar mount kit tacked in place on the frame. TJ Frame side trac bar mount kit, fully welded and painted with Twisted pitman arm.


    TJ/LJ Trac Bar Mount (Frame Side)

    This is the GenRight Frame side Trac Bar Mounting Bracket Kit for the Jeep Wrangler TJ or LJ (1997 - 2006). This is the same design we have reliably run on our GenRight Jeeps for years, including on Jordan's 4500 Class KOH racer!Front...

  • GR Round LED Lights Rear view of GR LED Round Lights


    GenRight LED Back Up / Rock Lights

    This is the all new SUPER bright LED light from GenRight Off Road. Fits into our existing laser cut holes in most of our bumpers, or you can drill your own and attach it with the threaded nut on the back side. Can be used as Rock Lights or Back Up...

  • High Clearance Lower Rear Shock Mount Kit


    High Clearance Lower Rear Shock Mount Kit

      This is the lower rear shock mount (axle side) kit. Similar to our outboard rear shock mount kit, but this is only the lower mounts.This is perfect for someone who already has our kit but is changing axles and who does not want to cut...

  • King 2.0" Air Bump with Can King 2" air bump on the GenRight Elite Suspension Shown here next to a Jeep TJ frame with King 2.0 can frenched into it. Shown here with GenRight shock mount and frame plate after frenching in can Shown here on the GenRight Growler YJ

    King Shocks

    King Shocks 2.0" Air Bump w/ Can

      This is the King Shocks Brand of 2.0" diameter Air Bump (Sold Each). These are the best air bumps money can buy. This is the same air bump we used on our GenRight Growler Jeep to pre-run for 8 weeks at the Hammers for the 2010 King of the...

  • Spiderweb Shade for the GenRight Roll Cages The mesh provides shade while still allowing light to pass through

    SpiderWeb Shade

    SpiderWeb Shade for GenRight TJ, YJ & CJ Cages

    This is the Spiderweb Shade specifically sized to fit the GenRight TJ, YJ or CJ-7 Roll Cages.  This is a shade top that will not flap in the wind while driving (yes quiet)! This high quality top requires NO windshield header. The mesh...

  • 1/4" Thick Straight Tab (Pair) 1/2" Diameter Hole Typical installation as a lower shock mounts Tab welded onto the inside of the frame


    1/4" Thick Straight Tab (Pair)

    This is a top quality "straight" mounting tab from GenRight Off Road. They are Laser cut from Heavy Duty 1/4" thick plate steel.They are perfect for mounting limit straps or other things on your Jeep. Features: Material - 1/4"...

  • BKT-3110 lower control arm 10 degree brackets from GenRight Off Road Shown here a the rear axle tube One piece design allows for more weld surface on the axle tube


    10 Deg Lower Control Arm Brackets

    These are top quality 10 Degree lower control arm mounting brackets from GenRight Off Road. Heavy Duty 1/4" thick is precision formed into shape so the mounting holes line up perfectly. Unlike the old days where fabricators just welded individual tabs...

  • 3" Upper Control Arm Mount (Axle Side), BKT-3240 Shown here welded to the top of a rear axle bridge (limit strap tab optional)


    3" Upper Control Arm Mount (Axle Side)

    This is the GenRight 3" tall Universal Control Arm Mounting Bracket. It is designed to be welded on the Axle Side and can be modified to fit any upper control arm vehicle application. The mount is universal and can be cut or trimmed to be...

  • 1/4" Thick Radius Tab (Pair)


    1/4" Thick Radius Tab (Pair)

    These are top quality Radius Tabs from GenRight Off Road. They are Laser cut from Heavy Duty 1/4" thick plate steel. They are perfect for mounting limit straps or other things on curved surfaces (axle tubes or knuckles). Features: Material...

  • Large "two hand" grab handle Large handle is ideal when mounted in the center of the dash cross bar Here you can see Dash V bar and center mounted Handle on a YJ cage


    Roll Cage Grab Handle (Sold Individually)

    This is a "large" cage grab handle from GenRight Off Road. This is the same handle we weld into every GenRight roll cage. Universal design, is made from 7/8" diameter tubing. These handles can be welded to any cage on any model Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ or...