• GenRight Off Road's Universal Transmission Crossmember Kit Side view of the GenRight cross member holding trans and t-case in a Jeep build. Close up of the Urethane mount & tabs on each side of this universal cross member kit. Weld the tabs to the inside of the frame so there is clearance for your exhaust. GenRight BKT-1050 in '06 LJ Rubicon with the 6 speed manual.


    Universal Transmission Crossmember Kit

      This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) Universal Cross Member Kit to hold up your transmission (or transfer case). We have designed this kit to be compatible with a wide variety of engine and transmission configurations used in off road Jeeps. The...

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    GenRight's LED Stealth Side Marker Light Kit Here you can see how the side marker light hides under the top tube "stealth" like. Clean mounting of LED side marker lights Amber LED side marker lights on a Jeep TJ


    LED Stealth Marker & Blinker Light Kit, 4 light

    This is the GenRight Off Road 4 light Stealth Side Marker Light Kit. It includes the hard to find super bright amber colored LED's. It can be used as a front blinker & running light. GenRight has packaged this Stealth L.E.D...

  • Universal LED License Plate Light w/ Brake Light LED 3rd brake light on at night Here you can see the LED license plate light and 3rd brake light on at night Close up view of how this compact LED light looks and mounts. LED1650 license plate light with 3rd brake light.


    LED License Plate Light w/Long Harness

    This is a universal LED License light that cleanly mounts behind your rear license plate (that is necessary to be legal on the street). Designed to be used when running LED tail lights which eliminate the normal license plate light (off the...

  • GenRight Jeep TJ floor plate assembly This is where it is installed in the rear of the cargo area floor of an '05 TJ When the cover plate is installed it only sticks up 1/8" above the top of the ribs in the floor


    Fuel Pump Access Panel for the Jeep TJ, YJ and CJ-7

    This is the GenRight Off Road rear floor access plate/mount for the Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep YJ or Jeep CJ-7 (all models 1976 to 2006). It allows you access to the top of the fuel tank (pump, electrical, hoses, vents, etc) without dropping the entire...

  • Maxbilt LED Tail Lights are surface mount, no drilling. Here you can see running and stop lights at night. Shown here on the GenRight Terremoto JK 4 stages on the LED tail lights (off, stop, running and reverse)


    Maxbilt LED Tail Lights, Surface Mount

      This is a surface mounted LED tail light from Maxbilt LED (Light Emitting Diode) tail light for a Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ-7 (and JK in our corner guards). This is a manufacturer for GenRight that offers a no bones about it lifetime...

  • Genuine Rock Jock (Currie) Johnny Joint CE-9114 with 1-1/4"-12 shank How it works: special compound urethane, sintered metal ball, washers and clip Johnny Joints on both ends of GenRight 7075 aluminum control arms Johnny used on an upper control arm of a suspension Johnny Joints on double triangulated rear suspension


    Johnny Joint, 1-1/4 Shank by Rock Jock

    This is a genuine Rock Jock Johnny Joint (by John Currie) with a 1-1/4-12 threaded shank for suspension control arms. A Johnny Joint is a suspension end designed to smoothly rotate up to 30 degrees without binding (or degrading which...

  • Rocker Guard (rock slider) Backing Plates RCG5500 This is how they look after being installed and rhino lined. Here you can see how they are drilled and formed.


    TJ/YJ/CJ/LJ Rocker Guard Backing Plates

    This is a great upgrade for any of the GenRight rocker guards (aka: rock sliders). These backing plates are laser cut and formed from 3/16" thick steel for strength. It is similar to adding a big fender washer, but larger and stronger to pull more of...

  • Latch Pin for Tire Carrier


    Latch Pin for Tire Carrier

    This is a replacement "latch pin" for any GenRight Off Road "Swing Down" or "Swing Out" rear tire carrier.This is a replacement 1/2" diameter pin.Sold EACH.Self locking feature, T-handle style (as pictured). Replacement Urethane bushings are...

  • Corner Guard Backing Plates for any GenRight Corners Shown here on the inside of an LJ tub to reinforce the side Corner Guard Backing Plate Shown here installed


    Corner Guard Backing Plates

    This is the CNR-7000, Corner Guard Backing Plates (pair) by GenRight Off Road. These are used to reinforce the top AND side mounting area of the Corner Guard on your Jeep. Simply put them on the inside of the tub, in place of the fender washers. They...

  • Updated design features a rubberized "GR" logo patch Patch detail Great for the driver and passenger! Perfect for leaning out to see where the tire is! Padded arm rest even on JL half doors


    Padded Arm Rest for Half Doors (Pair) Black

    This is the cool Jeep accessory you have been looking for! Tired of leaning your arm on a thin or sharp edged metal half door? These padded arm rests will add a new level of comfort to your next trail ride. It simply fits into the existing holes...

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    3/4" LED Side Marker Lights The LED side marker light cleanly mounts inside the inner fender on a Jeep JK Cleanly mounted LED side marker lights on a Jeep JK When mounted they are nearly flush They fit right in the holes on our front fenders


    LED 3/4" Round Marker Light, Amber

    This is a top quality super bright amber colored LED. It is perfect for being used as a front blinker or running light. This is the same LED light we chose to be part of our Stealth Side Marker Light kit. FEATURES: Designed to fit...

  • 1/4" Thick Extra Long Gussets (Pair) Gussets shown here on either side of the GenRight rear shock tower Gussets shown here on either side of the GenRight rear shock tower RMS-5513-P Extra Long Gussets (Pair) are 1/4" thick Shown here on the GenRight Growler YJ


    1/4" Thick Extra Long Gusset (Pair)

    This is an optional (but highly recommended) gusset for each side of shock tower from GenRight Off Road. This is the same gusset used on every GenRight Jeep build. They are Laser cut from Heavy Duty 1/4" thick plate steel. They are perfect for...

  • Cage to Frame Tie-in Kit Typical cage to Frame Tie-in Kit Installed


    Universal Jeep Cage to Frame Tie in Kit

    This is the GenRight universal frame tie-in kit to upgrade any brand cage through the floor and to the frame. This product is sold as a "builders" kit and needs to be fitted and finish welded to properly install it on your vehicle. It has been...

  • GenRight's Outboard Rear Shock Mount Kit Close up of JIG welded lower shock mounts, included in this kit. TJ/LJ/YJ/CJ Universal Outboard Rear Shock Mount Kit (Shocks not included) Lower shock mount installs on the back side of the rear axle tube. Outboard Rear Shock Mount Kit Mid-Install (Bump Cans not Included)


    Universal Outboard Rear Shock Mount Kit

    The GenRight outboard rear shock mount kit for the Jeep TJ, LJ, YJ or CJ-7 was designed to accept 2.0" coil over shocks. It is a perfect way to convert your rig to Coilover shocks! The clean and simple design which "frenches"...

  • GST4053 and GST2053 Frame Sleeves w/ Hardware Close up of the sleeve on forward gas tank mount Sleeve shown here on tank mount. Shown here where they would go thru the frame, on each side


    GST4053 and GST2053 Frame Sleeves

    This is the Frame Sleeve kit for the Jeep TJ or YJ. It necessary if bolting up a GenRight gas tank through the factory frame to keep from crushing the frame when tightening to two forward bolts on the skid plate. One sleeve and bolt is used per side...

  • GenRight's Hood Louver set Here is the typical mounting position for the 2 piece long hood louvers Typical mounting position for the 2 piece long hood louvers


    Hood Louver Set, 2pc Long - Black

    This is the GenRight Off Road 2 piece "long" hood louver set in black. This is a great way to vent that unwanted engine compartment heat and look good too! These louvers can be mounted in many different positions on the hood. Sold as a 2 piece set...

  • Weld In Grab Handles for GenRight Jeep Roll Cages (Pair) These handles are perfect size for getting in your Jeep. Small handles pictured here on a GenRight cage in a JK Small handles work great front or rear! Small handles allow for maximum entry room into the Jeep


    Weld In Grab Handles for GenRight Roll Cages (Pair)

    This is a pair of "small" cage grab handles from GenRight Off Road. This is the same handle we weld into every GenRight roll cage. Universal design, is made from 7/8" diameter tubing. These handles can be welded to any cage on any model Jeep JK, TJ,...

  • This is a Non-electric line lock, parking brake, emergency brake We offer two different mounting styles for your application A mounting style for this line lock, parking brake B mounting style for this line lock, parking brake Technical specifications for mounting this hydraulic ball valve


    Ball Valve Parking Brake

    This is a simple (non-electric) hydraulic ball valve assembly that can be used as an inline parking brake. How does it work? You simply step on the brake pedal and turn the lever. It then locks the pressure in the brake line (as if you were...

    $179.99 - $189.99
  • LED Back Up Light (Pair) We used 4 of these in the rear bumper on the GenRight Growler YJ. Here is a good view of the rear bumper plate on the GenRight Bowtie TJ.


    LED Back Up Light (Pair)

    This makes a great Back Up or Rock Light! These clear (or white) LED lights are nearly flush and a clean design! These lights will fit GenRight Jeep Rear Bumpers. This is also great option if you are removing you are installing...

  • GenRight's billet aluminum fairlead Haus for synthetic winch lines Billet aluminum fairlead Haus for use with synthetic winch lines GenRight's billet aluminum fairlead for synthetic winch lines


    GR Aluminum Winch Fairlead

    This is the GenRight Aluminum Winch Fairlead to be used with synthetic winch lines, just like we use on all the GenRight Jeeps.FEATURES  Made from 3/4" thick Aluminum alloy  CNC Machined   Recessed (flush with front...

  • GenRight's Standard Wheelbase Rocker Guards for the Jeep TJ, YJ, & CJ-7 Dimple Die step provides dependable traction Here you can see how cleanly they mount on the Jeep Slider bar is angled to increase clearance. This is a close up of the entry step (with dimple die grippers) on the GenRight rockers


    TJ/YJ/CJ Rocker Guards w/Bars (Standard Wheelbase)

      This is the GenRight rocker protection for the Jeep Wrangler TJ (1997 - 2006). Designed for the TJ, but can be trimmed to fit the Jeep wrangler YJ & CJ-7. These are the same 3/16" thick rocker guards we have used on all our GenRight Jeeps...

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    SSV MRB3 Display / Controller is fully sealed and has a back lit LED screen SSV MRB3 Bluetooth System Controller w/Screen with 4 Channel Amp Shown Installed in a Jeep Wrangler TJ using the GenRight aluminum radio plate Shown Installed in a Jeep Wrangler TJ on a black GenRight radio plate The LCD display is compact.

    SSV Works

    SSV MRB3 Bluetooth Audio w/ Screen & Amp

    Looking for a weather & dust proof solution for your Jeep? Well, this is Tony's favorite! This is a surface mounted display that replaces the traditional "stereo head unit" Your Jeep's new "stereo music" will be connected via Bluetooth...

    Was: $299.99
    Now: $229.99
  • YJ Whole Hood Louver - Black


    YJ Whole Hood Louver - Black

    This is the GenRight Off Road Whole Hood Louver for a Jeep YJ.This 1 piece design is stylish and easily distinguishable.Plus it's functional, it will help keep your engine running cooler and it's easy to install!Each louver is...

  • GenRight 3 piece long hood louver set in black Proper hood placement How the underside of the hood looks after mounting Installed on a Jeep Liberty


    Hood Louver Set, 3pc Long - Black

      This is the GenRight Off Road 3pc "long" hood louver set.Works great on Jeep TJ, LJ or YJ.They can be mounted in many different positions on the hood and are sold as a 3 piece set.This 3pc kit is: (1) Front louver has louvers in traditional...

  • Aluminum Gas Cap and Filler Kit (Jeep YJ/CJ Pictured) Typical install on a stretched TJ, YJ ot CJ Still easy to access for filling, but recessed so it does not hit the tire Aluminum Gas Cap and Filler Kit (Jeep TJ/LJ '97-'02 Pictured) Kunrled cap for grip, sealed with a premium o-ring to keep dirt out


    Aluminum Gas Cap & Filler Kit w/ Vent

    This is the GenRight Billet Aluminum Gas Cap & Filler assembly. It's compact design solves a problem for stretched Jeeps with big tires! It is mounted above the frame inside the rear inner fender well (as pictured). The entire assembly is...

  • This is how the kit comes, un-assembled This is what the kit looks like after welding GenRight Front 3 Link frame mounting brackets GenRight Front 3 Link frame mounting brackets This is how the frame side 3 link brackets lay out


    3 Link Front Bracket Kit, Chassis side (Unwelded)

    This is what the public has been asking for! A low cost DIY "builders kit" of our popular 3 link Front suspension brackets (not welded). We have figured out all the mounting points for proper geometry (bump steer, anti-squat, etc.) to make your rig a...

  • 1.5" - 2" Tubing Couplers (Sold Each)


    1.5" - 2" Tubing Couplers (Each)

    This is a Tube Coupler. They are designed to be strong and perfect for use in situations where you need a removable tube. Simply weld (MIG or TIG) each side into the tube you want to remove. These couplers are meant for use with .120 wall tubing (1.5",...

    $49.99 - $54.99
  • Universal Removable Harness Bar w/ 2 bolt Flat Flange Option (OEM or GR) This is how you fit the GenRight harness bar to the stock roll bar. Place the harness bar tube and 2 bolt flange on stock cage and drill holes for weld-in bungs. This is how 2 bolt flange fits on tube, once cut to length. The green bar behind the front seats on the B-pillar is this bar kit. 2 bolt flat flange style.


    Removable Harness Bar Kit

    This is a low cost way for a do-it -yourselfer to add-on a harness bar into your Jeep's roll cage. We now offer a Universal Harness Bar Kit that will allow you to put it in for the big wheeling trips and/or remove it for everyday life around town. The...

    $119.99 - $199.99
  • GenRight's Hi Lift Jack Mounts Here you can see customer mounted the jack to the outside Another view of the clamps holding the jack onto the tube


    Hi Lift Jack Tube Mounts, 1-3/4"

    This a pair of tube clamps with a threaded 3/8" stud. Primarily used to mount a Hi-Lift jack on the tubes of our Jeep rear tire carriers, front bumper or roll cages. This a super clean way to mount accessories on any 1-3/4" diameter...

  • Front and back of YJ aluminum inner fenders YJ inner fender kit Shown here with standard height YJ tube fenders


    Jeep YJ Standard Aluminum Inner Fender Kit

      This is the new Inner Fender Well Kit from GenRight Off Road, for a Jeep YJ, that eliminates the need to cut the stock fender! It is constructed of lightweight Aluminum alloy and is primarily designed to work with our newest G3 series...