Jeep JKU Build Levels

This is a general guide to help you figure out what level of build you're looking to accomplish. Anything is possible, and we are here to help!

It may happen in stages, or all at once. It's your Jeep, let us help you build it your way!

Your adventure begins! You've taken the first step to purchase a very capable rig both on and off road, and is equipped with 4WD, and solid Dana 30 or 44 axles!
This is where you should decide the level of customization that you need for your vehicle to meet your expectations for how you would like to use it. 



• 32-33" Tires

• Get familiar with the vehicle

• Learn how to use the 4WD (High and Low)

• Learn to use the lockers when off roading

• Carry the proper tools to work on it if needed

At the 2nd level, you've made the decision that you do want to explore a little more! Bigger tires and wheels are typically the first step. Maybe 35" tires at this point.



• Limited slip (or selectable locker) in (at least) the rear

• 35" A/T or M/T Tires

• 1-3/4" Puck Lift

• Winch


You can also add cosmetic things like rocker guards, bumpers, fenders, and maybe a tire carrier for the larger spare tire.

At this level, you have decided you're serious about wheeling.



• 37" A/T or M/T Tires

• Re-Gear axles for bigger tires

• Heavy Duty axle shafts are suggested

• Tube fenders to clear bigger tires

• 3  - 4" short arm lift kit

• Front and Rear Lockers

• Rocker Guards and/or steps (for easier entry/exit)

• Winch


 High clearance bumpers can also be installed to add a bit more protection and clearance, and we highly reccomend installing one our our JK Roll Cages  by the time you reach this stage.

When you get to this stage, you're really stepping up to a whole new level of comfort and performance, and tackle some of the hardest trails out there. This means changing your existing suspension to be one of our actual "suspension systems" (JK Elite)

This allows you to convert to 2.5" or 3.0" coilover shocks, and a true 3-link front, 4 link rear suspension, for a high quality ride with loads of performance both on and off road.



• GenRight JK Elite Suspension Kit

• 40"+ M/T Tires

• 2.5 (or) 3.0" Coil Over Shocks

• Currie or Dynatrac 60/70 Axles

• Hydraulic Assist Steering

• GenRight Fuel Tank

• GenRight Roll Cage