AfterShock Jeep JL

This is the Jeep Wrangler JL we call the "AfterShock". It is a 2020 Rubicon and was purchased and driven 29 miles to the GenRight shop and torn apart to be the first JL with the GenRight EXS suspension system on it.

The original intention was to keep the factory 3.6L engine, transmission, transfer case and install our Elite suspension system on the factory frame.

However, after a quick evaluation we decided the factory frame was too thin for the kind of long term on & off road driving we wanted to do. Therefore, we used our years of off-road experience designed the new GenRight EXS (Elite Xtreme Suspension) System.

The EXS is a heavy duty 3/16" thick frame that is fitted with our race proven double triangulated rear suspension and bind free 3 link front suspension with 3.0" diameter coil over shocks and 2.0" diameter air bumps and all build 100% in U.S.A.

This gallery will show the various stages of the build process.



How the Jeep looked before we got started.


The first step was to get rid of the stock Rubicon Dana 44 axles and suspension to make room for heavy duty Currie axles and 40" tires.


The next step was to separate the body from the factory frame and reverse engineer everything into CAD.


Notice specially designed cart to hold the factory and new frames with drivetrain in them.


Engineer all the attributes and fit the components in CAD.


Next was to build a massive 16 ft long precision fixture table, before any thing can be welded together.


Then was to build the new EXS frame on the fixture so it is true and straight.


Then to test fit the frame to the body and make sure everything lines up and there is clearance for movement on rubber body mounts.


Notice the clearance around this rear part of the frame and body!


Next was to install the drivetrain into the new GenRight EXS frame.


Engine being installed into new EXS frame.


Then it's back under the Jeep's body and reconnect the radiator, steering, electrical and fuel lines.


After the engine is in place, the all stainless steel exhaust is built and installed.


The Currie 60 front axle and steering are a work of art! Summit Machine 7075 aluminum links and 3.0" King coil over shocks will control the front axles movement.


The EXS frame comes with a special high clearance front bumper that is just designed to fit a winch. Notice the craftsmanship on the crossmember behind it.


The Aftershock was finished before the 2021 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT where Tony drove it over 500 miles off-road.

Shown here on 40" Mickey Thompson Baja Boss tires and KMC wheels with GenRight's aluminum half doors, and ultra high clearance bumpers. The Jeep performed beyond Tony's expectations.