4 Link Rear Bracket Kit, 4 hole

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    This is a new "taller" 4 hole version of the "builders" Triangulated 4 link rear suspension bracket kit. This is specifically for the guy who is looking for MORE link separation (between the upper and lower links) to optimize the rear suspension geometry.

    Initally designed for the Jeep Unlimited LJ or Brute, where there is more room under the rear floor area. But they could be used on a TJ or YJwith major a floor mods, unless you are running a 2" body lift.

    This taller bracket better optimizes the upper control arm geometry (weight transfer, rear steer and minimal anti-squat, etc.) to make your rig a top notch crawler with awesome articulation AND handle great on the street too!

    The main frame control arm mounts are pre-welded to a "C" section of steel to beef up the frame and help distribute the load. You simply slip each mount over the frame and weld them in place! The kit is designed to attach to the frame next to your stock (or aftermarket) transfer case skid plate.

    The Bracket Kit FEATURES:

    • Taller upper control arm mount has an extra hole.
    • Each mount is cut at an angle to keep the suspension joints in a "neutral" position so they do not waste any of the joints rotation and cause damage to the joint in those CRAZY articulation spots on the trail.
    • Kit can be used with Johnny Joints or FK Heims.
    • Simple triangulated 4 link design eliminates the need for a rear trac bar.
    • The mounts in this kit are universal and can be cut or trimmed to be mounted in any position on any Jeep TJ, YJ (will also fit CJ, Early Bronco or Toyota but cutting the "C" into an "L").
    • These frame side control arm brackets are pre-welded and attach independently and directly to the frame. The mounts DO NOT tie into the transfer case skid plate. This allows unobstructed access to the transmission and transfer case for service.



    • Heavy Duty 1/4 & 3/16" thick laser cut and CNC bent control arm mounts.


    We recommend the following to help complete the project (hyperlinks listed below):

    • Our outboard mounted rear shock kit (RSM-1000) to make relocation (of the spring and shock, if using a coilover type shock) easier and provide better shock dampening.
    • Consider converting to coilover shocks at this time. Combined with the above listed shock mount it will make installing this rear suspension much easier.
    • Our Rear Sway Bar kit (SWB1003) for better on-road stability.
    • Our EXT or COMP stretch package. This will allow you to lengthen the driveline and take advantage of all the rear suspension's articulation.



    • These were designed for the Jeep LJ, but could be used on other Jeep models (TJ & YJ) with major modifications to the bottom of the tub.
    • We recommend a 1" body lift if using the top holes on this mount.
    • Sold in pairs only.
    • This kit requires cutting and welding for proper mounting.
    • A universal rear axle bridge is now available for Dana 44's and Dana 60's
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    1. Well thought out brackets

      Want to nail your four link frame side brackets right the first time ? Bring home these , you will be happy as I was welding them in knowing its right ! on Nov 15th 2017

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