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Jeep YJ/CJ Trac Bar Mount (Frame Side)

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This is the GenRight Frame side Trac Bar Mounting Bracket Kit specifically designed for the Jeep Wrangler YJ & CJ. This is the same design we have reliably run on our GenRight Jeeps for years!

Front Trac Bar Bracket Kit Features:

  • Designed for use on a YJ or CJ that has a linked suspension.
  • The mount is specifically spaced for a YJ or CJ to match the pitman arm on your frame.
  • Laser cut from super thick steel so the pieces fit together like a glove.
  • Uses a 9/16" bolt, in double shear.
  • Designed for a 2-5/8" wide Johnny Joint, heim or bushing.


  • Sold as a weld-on kit.
  • This kit requires cutting off the stock trac bar mount and welding on this new mount.
  • A trac bar between the frame and front axle are required, before use. (Axle side bracket FSM1003, sold separately).
  • Designed to work with our 3 link but can be adapted to work with just about anything.
  • Once installed, you MUST cycle the front suspension and steering (in all possible combinations & directions) to make sure NONE of the steering or suspension components will bind or otherwise collide with eachother. DO NOT exceed the range of motion which would damage the steering or suspension components and could cause a failure resulting in a loss of steering control!

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