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Perforated, G3 Side Panel STD or HI, Pair

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This is the PERFORATED removable panel for the GenRight Tube Fenders. This is an upgraded from the standard "plain" side panel that comes with every one of our G3 Tube Fenders.


  • Perforated holes vent unwanted head from the engine compartment.
  • Fits all STANDARD and Hi-Fender GenRight G3 Tube Fenders.
  • Made of corrosion resistant Aluminum. 
  • Sold in a brushed aluminum finish.
  • Held in place with 4 stainless allen bolts (sold separately).
  • Nuts are pressed into the back of each side panel.
  • Sold as a pair.


  • Be sure to order the correct product. In the G3 tube fenders Standard and Hi-Fender side panel are the same.