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Shipping & Returns

GenRight Off Road™ warranties all of the products we manufacture for one year from the date of sale.


These products will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal installation and use. The workmanship warranty will not cover a product that has been modified, damaged in any way or incorrectly installed.


Incorrect installation includes but is not limited to; omitting or removing vents, isolators, wiring, hoses, valves, gussets or using a lesser grade mounting hardware. If the product requires welding to install it, the welding should be done by a certified welder for proper structural attachment in the way shown on our vehicles and described in our pictures and instructions.


Due to the intended use, the powder coat finish is warranted for (90) days. The finish warranty will not cover a product if it has been damaged in any way.


Warranty is limited to repair or replacement. GenRight Off Road™ does not offer any type of labor or shipping allowance and all warranty claims are subject to inspection by GenRight Off Road™.


At the discretion of GenRight Off Road™, the products in question can be repaired or replaced when found defective.


Prior to any replacement or repair, written authorization must be obtained from GenRight Off Road™ in writing.


Failure to contact us prior to having warranty work performed will immediately void all applicable warranties; and it is then the sole responsibility of the customer to remit any payment incurred.


The warranty expressed above is to the original purchaser of the product and the sole warranty of GenRight Off Road™, any other expressed or implied warranties are hereby specifically excluded and disclaimed.