Front Coil Over Shock Mount Kit for the 2 or 4 door JK

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This is the GenRight JK front coil over shock mount kit from our Top of the Line Elite System for a Jeep 2 door or 4 door JK. 

These were designed to fit within the constraints of the Jeep's inner fender well (without moving the ECU and other major engine compartment components).

Mounts optimize ride height and proper steering geometry for the best possible performance (Elite System scores 1100 on RTI ramp!).

Our kit is designed to work with 2.5" or 3.0" diameter coil over shocks (of any brand) or even 2.5" Air shocks in 12" travel.

This is a great option when pushing your front axle forward (about 2+") to get to a longer wheelbase (requires relocating the frame side trac bar mount)!

This kit allows you to cut off and remove all the factory upper spring mount/bump stop bucket from the frame. This is perfect for placing the shock in virtually the optimal position for dampening performance and articulation.

We recommend and sell the FOX and KING 2.5" diameter coil over type shocks (with a remote reservoir) with a dual rate spring set that are valved for a Jeep. These shocks are also fine tunable by you, simply by changing the oil level, oil weight, springs, spring preload and/or nitrogen pressure level.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Laser Cut and CNC formed 1/4" thick shock towers
  • (2) limit strap tabs
  • Grade 8 1/2" diameter Shock mounting hardware



  • This kit requires cutting & welding to install it.
  • REQUIRES the use of external bump stops (SUP-8050) (No, the shocks can not be used as the bump stop).
  • The kit also will require some minor cutting of the inner fender well to accommodate your shock choice.
  • Lower shock mounts are sold as part of the axle bracket kit (BKT-8130)
  • We recommend a limit strap between the axle and the frame, to protect the shock.
  • We also offer a rear coil over shock mounting kit for the JK (RSM-8025). 
  • This product was designed to work with the GenRight JK Elite suspension package. That package was designed to work with 70” wide Dana 60 axles with 4.75 to 5” back spaced 17” diameter wheels and 40” tall tires.
  • This is a “Builders Kit”. Builders Kit parts are sold to the guy who wants to “do it their way” and who does not need tech support. There are too many product combinations and variables for us to advise you sight unseen. If you need instructions or tech help, please buy the Elite kit as we designed it.