Jeep JK HD Trac Bar w/ Frame Mount (2 or 4 Door)

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Jeep JK & JKU Trac Bar w/Frame Side Mount from the Elite 3 Link Suspension kit


This is a Heavy Duty GenRight Front Trac Bar Kit for the Jeep JK, 2 or 4 door when using the GenRight coil over suspension with a Currie (60 or 70) axle.

It keeps the front axle under your Jeep and we work hard to keep the trac bar as straight as possible (little or no bends) to improve strength.

This builders kit comes with the Johnny Joint TIG welded onto one side of the trac bar tube. The tube is made to length for the GenRight Elite Suspension System.

These are the same parts included in our front 3 link kit and the same parts we have reliably run on our GenRight Jeeps for years!

This frame side mount is designed to lengthen the trac bar (to better match the drag link in your steering) and eliminate bump steer.

NOT recommended for use with the stock crossover ("Y" link) type steering linkages.

This is heavy duty kit is perfect if you plan to run hydro assist steering on your vehicle.

Heavy Duty Kit Features:

  • Designed to work with Currie Rock Jock and Dynatrac Pro Rock front axles.
  • 1/4" thick laser cut frame bracket.
  • Trac Bar is made from 1-1/2" diameter x .250" wall CrMo tubing.
  • The 1/4" thick wall tube is Mandrel bent and Laser cut.
  • Genuine Currie Johnny Joint on the frame side of the trac bar.
  • The frame side Johnny Joint is TIG welded to the trac bar tube at GenRight (2-5/8" wide)
  • 9/16" diameter Grade 8 bolt in double shear in frame side bracket.
  • Genuine CrMo FK Heim 7/8" shank with a 3/4" diameter bolt on axle side (HRSMX).
  • 7/8-14 Threaded bung.
  • 7/8-14 Jam nut.
  • Includes necessary new hardware.
  • Perfect for use with elevated Hi-Steer knuckles and arms.


  • The Axle Side Trac Bar Mount is sold separately (SUP-8610, SUP-8615 or SUP-8715) based on the size tube your front axle has.
  • Although this builders kit is sold as a pre-welded kit, but still requires welding to properly attach these component parts to the frame and axle of your vehicle.
  • This kit requires cutting off the stock trac bar mount and welding on this new mounts.
  • A trac bar has the Johnny Joint pre-welded on one end, but the threaded insert (or bung) still needs to be welded into the tube (to thread in the Heim rod end) after the tube is cut to length to match your steering.
  • For optimal function and no bump steer the Trac Bar needs to be cut to best match your vehicles axle width and drag link length.
  • Designed to work with our 3 link but can be adapted to work with other radius arm or 4 link suspension kits.
  • Once installed, you MUST cycle the front suspension and steering (in all possible directions & articulation combinations) to make sure NONE of the steering or suspension components will bind or rub on each other. DO NOT exceed the range of motion which would damage the steering or suspension components and could cause a failure resulting in a loss of steering control!
  • This is a “Builders Kit”. Builders Kit parts are sold to the guy who wants to “do it their way” and who does not need tech support. There are too many product combinations and variables for us to advise you sight unseen. If you need instructions or tech help, please buy the kit as we designed it.