Steel Vs. Aluminum

Steel  VS. Aluminum

This is a common question, but not all the benefits are obvious.

Facts are:

Aluminum is 1/3 the weight of steel.  On a 4 door JK you can save up to 600lbs by using aluminum over steel!

GenRight makes it’s aluminum products out of thicker materials (where steel is .120, aluminum is .188” thick) to improve strength and durability (so on many products the weight is only ½ as light).

Aluminum helps to distribute the load across the Jeep’s body (as on a corner guard) to reduce or eliminate damage to your Jeep. In other cases, the aluminum part gives instead of the Jeeps body or tub.

Aluminum in a perfect material for a Jeep. Many customers do not understand that even the aluminum GenRight parts are stronger than what they are bolted onto. In most cases the aluminum parts (bumpers and fenders) are decorative covers and not structural.

Aluminum will not rust like steel does.

Aluminum can be left raw (or with the natural brushed finish) to show off the American made workmanship!

The contrast between the color of their Jeep and the natural silver aluminum color will set their Jeep apart!

Most customers like to show off their lightweight GenRight aluminum products!

Aluminum can also be painted or powder coated (do not anodize it, all the weld points are harder and will not take the same color or look consistent).

Aluminum can be scotch brite’d to maintain the beautiful finish (as it came from GenRight).

Aluminum can be protected in the high impact areas. Although “metal” is tough, steel has a harder “surface hardness” than aluminum. This is why we make “Rash Guards” for the high impact areas on your GenRight bumpers and rocker guards.

Aluminum if left raw, can be “refinished” if scraped or scratched out on the trail.


Why does aluminum cost more?

The raw material is more per pound.

We have to TIG Weld aluminum (not MIG welded), which is done by our most experienced craftsmen. Each part is welded by hand, the process and equipment is more expensive.

We add a nice brushed finish to the parts after manufacturing, which is done by hand.

We handle the parts more carefully to preserve the finish, so the parts can be bolted on to your Jeep right out of the box (saving the money that would be spent to prep, paint or powder coat steel).

Made in U.S.A. Designed, built and tested by GenRight Off Road, a premier Jeep parts builder.