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GenRight 4X4 Nights for December 2016


We host several 4X4 Nights across the country, usually during the third weekend of every month. These informal social gatherings are great opportunities to connect with the local off-roading community, meet members of the GenRight trail team, and show off your ride while checking out other local rigs.

There is no cost to attend so bring your friends. Being December, we encourage you to arrive dressed for the holidays and consider decking out your jeep with a festive flare as well.

Here are the scheduled December events.  Click on the link to be taken to the event on Facebook for more info or to RSVP...


Simi Valley, CA - Friday, December 16 @ 4:30pm*

* Special Parade of Lights event!

Santee, CA - Friday, December 16 @ 6pm*

* Special Christmas Cruise event!

Hartville, OH - Friday, December 16 @ 6pm

Concord, NC - Friday, December 16 @ 7pm*

* Bring a toy or cash donation!

Pendleton, IN - Friday, December 16 @ 7pm*

* Special sightseeing side trip and holiday photo event!

Chesapeake, VA - Saturday, December 17 @ 4pm

Youngsville, LA - Saturday, December 17 @ 5pm

Fredericksburg, VA - Saturday, December 17 @ 5:00pm

See you there!