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Why You Need a Twisted Pitman Arm for Your Lifted Jeep Wrangler


As everyone who has ever lifted a Jeep Wrangler knows, when you hook the steering back on most of the range of motion is just about gone.What GenRight did was twist the pitman arm so that It literally gives the ball its range of motion back by resetting it to a neutral position.

We created a stronger double shear pitman arm using a 5/8” Grade 8 bolt which is way bigger than what’s originally there.  It works well with long-travel suspensions and hi-steer setups because as the tie-rod comes up and the arm rotates, it creates clearance for the tie-rod when a normal drop pitman arm would just bash up against it.

This is a perfect solution for any long travel suspension and is designed to be used with hi-steer type arms on Dana 60's, 44's or 30's. It’s engineered to hold up to big tires and off-road abuse. It’s laser cut and CNC bent from 1/4" thick steel plate and puzzled together for maximum interlocked strength.

Got a hydraulic ram? It will work with that too.

It requires the use of heim rod ends which we prefer over standard or heavy duty "tapered style" tie rod ends after seeing the taper on the tie rod end split too many steel knuckles! This is the exact same steering set up we have used on our GenRight rigs for years, and it works great!

It is available with a tool we made that is exactly the same size nut as what holds the pitman arm onto the steering box. Simply thread the tool in to pop the pitman arm off.

Check out these photos of a customer build at GenRight that shows the full range of motion on a hi-steering set up and demonstrates the geometry to eliminate bump steer...

Click here to order yours...

GenRight Twisted Pitman Arm

GenRight Twisted Pitman Arm with Tool

Some notes to keep in mind…

  • Designed to work with our Hi-steer tie rod and drag link steering kit (STK-8750 or STK-8625). Converting to Hi-steering requires that the trac bar location and length match the drag link to eliminate bump steer! Please use the GenRight frame side trac bar mount(s) TJ: FSM1004 & YJ: FSM1005 for ideal geometry.
  • Requires a heim (not a tie rod end) 7/8" shank x 3/4" bore heim with hi-misalignment spacers that reduce to a 5/8" bore (sold separately).
  • Requires a 1" body lift to clear the bottom of the radiator tank.
  • For Jeep Wrangler CJ-7, YJ, TJ, and LJ.Not for the Jeep Wrangler JK or JL.