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Genesis Jeep JKU

This is a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JKU that the owner Erin calls "Genesis". You are sure to see this Jeep around the greater Western United States wheeling! The Black Forest Green Pearl paint with burnt orange colored roll cage are unique.

It was built with a 3" AEV lift on 35" tires. Shortly there after it was outfitted with all the GenRight aluminum body armor and then like many Jeeps it was wheeled and modified along the way up to 37" tires over the past few years trying to do it "without breaking the bank".


The key to this Jeep is that it is on it's way to the GenRight JK Elite suspension system in 4 distinct build steps.

It recently got the Currie axles (which include bigger brakes) and 40" M/T Baja Boss tires on Raceline wheels. Although she kept the stock style coil springs and stocks (which is a 4" Currie short arm lift w/heavy duty control arms and Johnny Joints), a GenRight Elite track bar kit, CrMo Hi-steer kit and Hydro assist steering were also installed in this first step.

Next steps are:

  1. Install the GenRight gas tank (20 gallon or 25 gallon models') that moves it to the rear.
  2. Install the front and rear cross members in order to install the Elite Flat Belly skid plate (requires new control arms).
  3. Install the front shock mounts, rear shocks mounts, 2.5" coil over shocks and air bump stops.


Here you can see the Currie VXR60 front axle. Notice how high up the GenRight CrMo Hi-steering sits up out of the way. The drag link also matches the trac bar so there is no bump steer and the ram assist is hidden behind the tie rod.


Here you can see the Jeep still sits on the stock coil buckets (on the frame). High clearance aluminum front fenders w/inner fender wells and winch front bumper give this Jeep a great approach angle.


She added a GenRight roll cage, aftermarket seats and 5 point PRP harnesses.


Here you can see the stock muffler behind the Currie VXR60 rear axle with the Fox shocks still in the factory location. Notice the cargo carrier, license plate relocating plate, corner guards w/recessed LED tail lights and high clearance aluminum rear bumper w/rash guards on the edges.


The GenRight roll cage has 2" diameter tubing and offers the best protection on the market. Notice the optional aluminum roof for even more protection. Erin opt'd for no rear seat, but instead this allows her to move heavy cargo forward in the vehicle and keep it as low as possible for better off-road handling.


The Savvy aluminum half doors were fitted with the GenRight designed door bags for more storage in the Jeep.


Here you can see the huge Currie front VXR60 axle with rolled back diff cover. The Jeep still sits on the stock type coil springs, but got weld on GenRight heavy duty track bar and mounts to match the CrMo Hi-steering.


In the end, this Jeep sits the same height as the GenRight Terremoto and looks fantastic while the owner saves a few more bucks to finish the transformation to a full GenRight Elite suspension.