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Kozel Tracer Jeep LJ

This is the #3 Tracer build out of GenRight Motorsports. It is almost identical to the Silver Surfer build (#2 Tracer) with the same Mast Motorsports built LS3 engine and Maximum built 4L80 transmission.


Currie axles, King IBP shocks on 40" tires. Here you can see the newest GR Mini Boat Side rockers with the exhaust routed out.


VisionX Vortex headlights, GenRight high steer on beefy Currie front axle plus a nice stance!


Notice here how the lower links are flat, this geometry allows all the powoer to propel the vehicle forward. This customer opt'd for the Bestop soft top with the GenRight roll cage and rear tire inside the cargo area.


We took the Jeep straight to Johnson Valley to run the Hammer trails that it was built for!


Our customer puts on the aluminum hafl doors when trail wheeling.


The suspension and wheelbase are ideal.


The Jeep is equipped with a Rugged race radio and intercom (note he is wearing the headset).


Shown here on the exit of Sledgehammer, the Tracer is know for its stable and predictable performance.


Shown here with the optional 26 gallon fuel tank and receiver stlye bumper plate.