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R1 Performance REAR Brake Pads for Jeep JK

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OEp- 2551-1274-00

This is the Optimum OE (factory Jeep rear calipers) REAR brake pads from R1 Concepts. This is the same pad compound we used on the GenRight Grey Wolf JK in the video install.

Advanced cars require advanced brake pads. Though other brake pads may be made to be similar to OEM standards, our R1 Concepts OPTIMUM OEp ("p" is for performance) brake pads are constructed to be better in terms of longevity, performance, and value. Our brake pads have a lower price and superior performance.
Sold per set (one pair for each rear wheel).
P/N: OEp- 2551-1274-00
  • Cheaper the factory Jeep replacement brake pads!
  • We offer the matching front brake pads too!
  • If you are looking to upgrade the rotors too? These pads are ideal to be used with the R1 Carbon Geomet Series REAR rotors provide the ultimate stopping power needed for demanding driving and harsh conditions. These rotors are made with more Carbon, Chromium, and Molybdenum (good stuff!), these High Carbon rotors offer increased braking performance and strength. A center core design of the casting provides greater stability (to prevent warping). The Geomet coating protects against rust while extending rotor life. Mill balancing and double disc grinding reduces thickness variations for smoother stopping, minimal vibration, and improved break-in.