Jeep JK 4 Door Rocker Guards - Aluminum

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RCG8104 - GenRight 4 Door Jeep JK Rocker Guards - Aluminum

  • GenRight Rash Guard caps the high impact area of the aluminum rocker guard

These lightweight but durable rocker guards for your 4 door Jeep JK will protect one of the most vulnerable spots on your vehicle, and the sleek design is curved to match the body of the Jeep.

Our Rocker Guards provide the highest ground clearance and strength on the market, thanks to unique internal gusseting for unrivaled support.

This is a great upgrade for anyone looking for maximum protection and a functional step on their JK or JKU


  • Lightweight 3/16" 6061-T6 Aluminum is laser cut and CNC formed for a precise fit
  • Highest ground clearance on the market (hangs no lower than the body and is tapered up)
  • 3 piece design ties into multiple points on the Jeep for maximum durability
  • Unique internal bracing provides superior structure and strength
  • Contoured to fit the shape of the JK's curved body
  • Wraps all the way under to the frame where it ties to the body mounts
  • Full coverage from front to rear (protects the flares too) 
  • Smooth "Boatside" tapered style will not get hung up on trail obstacles
  • Will work with metal tube flares or the factory plastic flares
  • Shape design acts as a nice 4" wide step for the vehicle occupants 
  • Sold in pairs (left & right)
  • Includes all new Stainless Steel mounting hardware
  • Shipped un-painted, but can be painted or powder coated (or left raw; the aluminum will not rust)
  • Made in the USA

 *Don't forget to add our "Rash Guards" (RCG-8204) for extra durability in the high impact areas!


  • Installation requires drilling of the "Kick Plate" in mounting locations.
  • We recommend adding grip tape where necessary for better foot traction during entry and exit.
  • If still running the factory plastic flares, these rockers will require trimming about 5/8" off the bottom of the factory flares. 
  • Will not work with body lifts (attaches to the bottom of the body mount bolts).
  • Also available in an extra heavy duty Steel version (RCG-8004) if you're extra hard on your rig
  • We also offer matching B-pillar protection (ACC-8060).


10 Reviews

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    Rocker guards

    Posted by Al Bedenbaugh on Jun 28th 2023

    Shipped pretty quickly, relatively easy to install if you take your time and don’t rush yourself. I was able to do it by myself. I did find I was missing a few bolts but Keith at GenRight got them out to me the next day. I have them at my powder coater right so I can’t send a picture but you will need to completely install them before you have them powder coated or painted because you will probably need to do a little trimming but not much.

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    Lightweight and does their job

    Posted by Jeff L. on Mar 1st 2021

    Finally got a chance to put these rockers to the test this past weekend. They performed above an beyond my expectations. They took every hit and the Jeep just kept on moving. The install was straight forward and the fitment is excellent. The fitment is one of the best i have seen for an aftermarket part in a very long time. Thanks to the add on rocker guards i got some added protection and already have a few battle scars to prove it after this weekend. The battle scars show that the rockers performed the way they were designed and far exceeded my expectations. This is one purchase i will continue to enjoy year on year and have zero regrets purchasing. Thanks to Jeff Perkins from the GenRight team, guiding me in the right direction with these.

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    Replaced Cut Down Rubicon Rails

    Posted by Anthony P on May 26th 2020

    The Installation was easy, and the instructions were clear to follow. I purchased the Rash Guards and their fit and finish is spot on. I would like to have the bottom holes already drilled, but taking your time it won't take long to drill them. Very solid feeling after being installed. I was looking at other Rockers and very pleased that I made the choice that I did - No Regrets! Looking forward to my next purchase.

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    Amazing products

    Posted by Austin L. on Apr 22nd 2020

    The guys at Genright never cease to amaze when it comes to their products. The sliders are such a tight fit to the contour of the Jeep and they look amazing. Lightweight construction but can still take a beating. If you're on the fence just take the leap, you will not regret it.

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    Replaced My Steel Sliders

    Posted by Brij on Apr 14th 2020

    I previously had some steel rock sliders from another company. They were so heavy, it always took two people to put them on or take them off for any maintenance work. So I wanted to give the aluminum ones a try and who better to turn to then Genright! So I bought the Blank version to replace my existing holes on my jeep. I have to give to Genright for making the three piece design!! I can't believe I didn't go with them to begin with because there's less nutserts to install plus tie into the existing jeep slider holes. Such a smart and simple design that makes installing them super easy! Highly recommend the rock sliders with the rash guards as well, I plan on adding them with an accent color to make my build stand out of the crowd.

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    Keeps Fit & Finish after Beatings

    Posted by CK Killinger, Ambassador (Killinger Build, @Bombshell_jku) on Mar 19th 2020

    A hard year of trails on AZ rocks, EJS, Trail Hero, and KOH... Some scratches, dents and beatings later and these sliders still slide and look pretty good. The 3 piece construction has a surprising amount of strength and resiliency to beatings. Tips: Don't install in AZ heat... parts and Jeep swell. Find a pneumatic riv-nut gun; from start to finish with myself and a buddy (not mechanics) it took 24hrs to install F&R Narrow fenders, ultra-clearance bumper, rear bumper and rock rails.

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    Beat not Babied and easy install!

    Posted by Joe B. on Mar 3rd 2020

    These bad boys have a really cool crush sleeve inside that take a big blow and don't fubar your tub. I was impressed after taking them on their maiden voyage on Cliffhanger in Moab. They did get used a couple of times as I am running only 37s. I highly recommend getting a rivnut tool at Harbor Freight or Amazon to do the install. It makes life so much easier, and install faster. Worth it. Also, add the rash guards. Worth IT! NOTE: I did have another companies rocker guards on before I swapped to the GenRight ones. The other rash guards were also aluminum, about the same size, yet significantly heavier. Weight is everything on the trail, and swapping to all GenRight aluminum was a huge positive difference

  • 5
    Blown away with the fit

    Posted by Brit on Oct 7th 2018

    I bought a set of these mainly because they were the best looking aluminum ones I could find. I never expected them to fit this well. After installing them and paying attention to how tightly they fit the body lines, I am very impressed. There are several extra steps (extra bends, slits, etc.) taken during the manufacturing process that keep the rocker guards tight to the body, which it key to their strength on the rocks. This time, you do actually get what you pay for.

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    Total protection

    Posted by Kurt on May 15th 2016

    Getting the GenRight rocker guards was one of those just get it and you're done upgrades. When I started building my JK I didn't want to do anything more than once. I knew getting these I'd be set for anything I could throw at my jeep. All I can say is don't skimp on things but especially rocker guards. When you need them you'll be glad you got these.