Kevko Racing LS Engine Oil Pan, F Body

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Kevko Racing oil pan for the LS V8


This is the Kevko Racing Chevy LS V8 Engine "F" Body Oil Pan.

Kevko made their name in circle track and road racing by keeping the engines oil at the pick up.

This is the same oil pan Tony ran on his Growler YJ with a 550hp LS1 V8 engine.


  • Rear sump design.
  • Sheet metal construction with zinc coated for rust protection.
  • Includes a new oil pick up (LS 103)
  • New dip stick included.
  • Holds more oil.
  • Baffled with "trap doors" to prevent oil starvation when driving on crazy angles!
  • Oil fittings make plumbing the remote oil filter much cleaner and easier!


LS-1002 F Body Oil Pan SPECS:

Pan Depth: 5"
Pan Capacity: 6 Quarts (5.7 Liters)
System Capacity: 7 Quarts (6.6 Liters)

Description: 11" Long, 8-3/8" Wide, 5" Deep Rear Sump. 1-3/4" Front Depth.

Designed for the F-Body but primarily used in the Off-Road Racing world. Features a Diamond gate design that forces oil through the center assembly regardless the angle or direction of the vehicle, for excellent oil control to the pick-up tube. Must have for any Rock Crawler or Off Road project with an LS.

There is an optional oil filter mount available.

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