"Ammo Air" Bluetooth Portable Tire Inflation/Deflation System

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"Ammo Air" Bluetooth Portable Tire Inflation/Deflation System


This is the new portable "on board" air system from Made for Rocks.

This is the same system Tony uses in his Jeep Terremoto JK.

It's easy to use, fast and quiet!

What does Rock or Road air do?
The Patent pending system makes airing up and airing down all 4 tires (at the same time), simple, fast and automatic.

How does Rock or Road air work?
A small computer controls valves and a compressor to inflate or deflate the tires. The computer is operated via a touchscreen or smartphone.

Why is airing down faster with Rock or Road air?
Tire deflators use a spring loaded valve to let air out of the tires. Air coming out has to push against the spring, which reduces the flow. The computer in the Rock or Road air system controls a valve with unrestricted flow to release air from the tires. This allows much faster and more accurate deflation. The added bonus is that all four tires are at exactly the same pressure.

Can I do the installation myself?
Yes, this system simply clamps to the positive and negative terminals on your battery!


  • Portable.
  • Water resistant case.
  • Twin ARB air compressor.
  • Manifold for distribution to 4 hoses.
  • Microprocessor with manual switches.
  • Power cables with alligator clips (to any 12V battery).
  • 4 quick disconnects and high quality non-kink hoses.
  • Smartphone app to work with your cell phone via Bluetooth.


If you have a limited budget, you can I reduce the cost by supplying your own air compressor.

We will send you minimum requirements and basic instructions to help you integrate it into Rock or Road air system.

Please call 805-584-8635 for more information.

1 Review

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    Great Portable Air System Option

    Posted by Shane W. on May 7th 2020

    I have had this portable system for approximately 4 years. It has held up well and still operates like new. The "open loop" 4-hose distribution architecture provides for perfectly balanced air pressure, and the twin compressors allows for fast simultaneous air-up of all tires. The electronics can be programmed for PSI levels which makes airing up very easy and it's convenient for me to hit the "go" button and then tend to other post trail maintenance. Since it is portable, I can keep the weight off my vehicle when I don't want it. And I have the flexibility to lend to my jeep friends!