VisionX Dura Mini LED Light

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Vision X Dura Mini LED Light


The Vision X Dura Mini which feature 4 Cree LED's to deliver 20 watts of power, 1,480 effective lumens.

It has a mixed 10° & 25° beam pattern, and Die-Cast Aluminum Housing.

The Dura Mini is 2.75" x 3.62" x 1.94", has a IP-68 rating for water and dust resistance, and comes standard with the VisionX extended warranty.

The Duralux Mini M4M is a powerful answer to a small driving/fog light. The sleek and compact 2.75” housing coupled with four 5 Watt LED's pushes 2,115 lumens of light, making it one of the brightest lights in it’s class. Featuring a combination beam with 10° and 25° optics, the Duralux Mini M4M provides powerful center lighting, with a smooth flood illumination. This efficient light only draws 1.67A, making it an ideal option for ATV/UTV applications where low power consumption is important.

Universal Automotive Lighting

The Duralux Automotive Series was designed with vehicles in mind. The sleek and compact housing coupled with four 3 WATT LEDs makes it the perfect light for any automotive application. From fog lights to roof rack and reverse lighting the Duralux Automotive Series combines usability with afford-ability to create the ultimate lighting solution for any vehicle. The Duralux Automotive Series lights comes standard with a single bolt mounting bracket, wiring harness, and lifetime warranty.

Simple Mounting 

The shape, construction, and mounting location of the Duralux Automotive Series means it can be placed almost anywhere.

60° Beam Pattern

Equipped with 60° Flood optics, the DURA Mini produces a smooth beam pattern that covers ample amount of ground.

See the VisionX factory Jeep replacement for headlights!

See the VisionX factory Jeep replacement for driving lights in front bumper!


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  • Item # :DURA-M4M
  • Part #:9911649
  • Raw Lumens:2,115 lm
  • Effective Lumens:1,480 lm
  • Wattage:20W
  • Amp Draw(@12V):1.66A
  • Certification(s)
  • E-Mark EMARK R23.00 Category AR