ULTRA Clearance JL & JT Front Bumper w/Trail Guard Bar - Aluminum

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Ultra Clearance JL Front Bumper w/Trail Guard Bar - Aluminum

Jeep JL
Jeep Gladiator
Jeep JL/JT

This is the ULTRA Clearance Front Bumper with Trail Guard Bar for the Jeep Wrangler JL from GenRight Off Road!

This bumper gains the extra 5" of clearance by cutting off the lower frame horns.

Our high quality, high clearance Jeep front bumper has our tall front stinger directly welded on.

It is perfect for protecting the front of your Jeep while out on the trail. 

The high profile design incorporates our recessed winch mount to keep the winch lower than most other bumpers to allow for better air flow to the radiator. 

This bumper does require switching to a Currie Antirok type sway bar, because this "Ultra" clearance model requires cutting off some small posts off the frame that support the factory front sway bar skid plate.


  • "ULTRA" Raises front bumper clearance by 5" by removing sway bar skid under front bumper.
  • Light weight Aluminum construction.
  • Winch mount is sunken down into bumper (between frame rails) for optimal air flow to the radiator.
  • Fits the 2 door and 4 door Jeep JL
  • Compact design fits tight to the frame and wraps around each side.
  • Works with Antirock type sway bars (factory sway bar will hang down).
  • 10 bolt mounting fits tight up against the frame for the best approach angle.
  • Laser Cut and CNC Formed from heavy duty 3/16" thick alum plate.
  • Includes two steel tow points (that are coated to prevent rust).
  • Medium height stinger bar on front is to protect the winch from accidental trail damage.
  • 100% Made in USA!



  • Optional: D-ring shackles are extra REC-2102 allows you to hook a tow strap to this bumper.
  • Optional: Winch Delete (FBB-6020) necessary if you never plan to have a winch.



  • This bumper requires cutting off some metal pieces that hang down below the frame (hidden under the stock bumper).
  • This bumper also requires you to run an Antirock type front sway bar (the factory Rubicon sway bar will hang down).
  • This product is un-painted (except for the winch tray and tow points) and can be left in brushed aluminum finish or powder coated.
  • Aluminum fairleads require running a nylon rope (not steel cable) and is not included, but sold separately (FBB-5001).
  • All new Warn; Zeon 8K and 10K, 9.5 CTI and Power Plant winch(s) without any mods to bumper or winch tray.


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