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  • GenRight's Replacement Tank for the Jeep CJ, GST-1003 The axle side of the GST-1003 gas tank and skid plate Dimensional drawing for the GenRight fuel tank and skid.


    Jeep CJ Extended Range Gas Tank & Skid Plate (20 Gal)

    This is the Crawler™ Extended Range Gas Tank to fit a CJ-7 & CJ-8 (1974 to 1986) models. This is a replacement tank for the stock Jeep 15 or 20 gallon tanks. The GenRight tank re-uses the factory filler hoses, fuel pump, vent valves and...

  • Simple behind the seat tank for the YJ or CJ-7 from GenRight Dimensions of the BST-4000 tank and mounting flange Gas Cap on the BST-4000 fuel tank with spill dam around it Optional fuel pump blank plate, gasket or CJ pick up adapter for the BST-4000 How the optional CJ pick up adapter works


    Universal Tank (23 Gal)

    This is a high quality universal tank to fit behind the back seat in the cargo area of a Jeep YJ or CJ-7. This tank can be used as a primary tank (or a 2nd tank). Because it is not mounted under the tub, the rear axle can be moved back up to 14"...

  • Aluminum Gas Cap and Filler Kit (Jeep YJ/CJ Pictured) Typical install on a stretched TJ, YJ ot CJ Still easy to access for filling, but recessed so it does not hit the tire Aluminum Gas Cap and Filler Kit (Jeep TJ/LJ '97-'02 Pictured) Kunrled cap for grip, sealed with a premium o-ring to keep dirt out


    Aluminum Gas Cap & Filler Kit w/ Vent

    This is the GenRight Billet Aluminum Gas Cap & Filler assembly. It's compact design solves a problem for stretched Jeeps with big tires! It is mounted above the frame inside the rear inner fender well (as pictured). The entire assembly is...

  • Gas Tank Skid Plate for the Jeep CJ-7 How the skid plate look on Jeep with Leaf Springs


    Crawler™ Skid Plate - CJ

    This is the GenRight Crawler™ Heavy Duty 3/16" thick gas tank skid plate for the Jeep CJ-7 (1974 to 1986). It will fit the stock 20 gallon plastic gas tank or it can be upgraded at a later date to our 20 gallon aluminum Crawler Enduro tank...

  • GenRight Jeep TJ floor plate assembly This is where it is installed in the rear of the cargo area floor of an '05 TJ When the cover plate is installed it only sticks up 1/8" above the top of the ribs in the floor


    Fuel Pump Access Panel for the Jeep TJ, YJ and CJ-7

    This is the GenRight Off Road rear floor access plate/mount for the Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep YJ or Jeep CJ-7 (all models 1976 to 2006). It allows you access to the top of the fuel tank (pump, electrical, hoses, vents, etc) without dropping the entire fuel...

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