Ball Valve Parking Brake

$179.99 - $189.99
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This is a simple (non-electric) hydraulic ball valve assembly that can be used as an inline parking brake.

How does it work? You simply step on the brake pedal and turn the lever. It then locks the pressure in the brake line (as if you were still pressing the brake pedal).

It is a universal item that is great for highly modified off road rigs, where long travel or aftermarket axles prevent you from using an normal type parking brake cables.

All you do is plumb the valve inline with the rear brakes of your vehicle (requires 2 valves for vehicles with ABS brakes).

This is the same thing we use on the GenRight Terremoto JK and Growler YJ since 2008.


  • Please choose mounting style (A or B) when checking out.
  • A cable type parking brake is best and should always be used if possible.
  • This item is not street legal and should only be used on dedicated off highway vehicles.
  • This is not an emergency brake!

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