GenRight "Tracer" Jeep LJ Coil Over Suspension Kit (4.0L Engine)

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GenRight Off Road "Tracer" Jeep LJ Suspension Base Kit, 6 cyl engine

  • GenRight "Tracer" steering includes, hi-steer arm, pitman arm, CrMo tie rod, drag link & bolts
  • High Capacity Fuel Tank for the Tracer Suspension
  • Jeep LJ Tracer Stretch Corner Guard Set - Aluminum
  • Stretched LJ Mini Boat Side Rocker Guards w/Bars
  • Dan Olson Racing LS Engine Oil Pan with pick up
  • GenRight radiator mounting kit for the Ron Davis radiator for LS V8

This is the Tracer Suspension System for the Jeep Unlimited, Jeep Wrangler LJ from GenRight Off Road.

It is the most up to date way to take your Jeep to a new level of performance that has never been done before!

We take all the thin & weak factory suspension mounting brackets off the frame and axles to give you a Jeep that will crawl and go fast!

The kit's name is derived from this suspension being a Trail Suspension designed from the winning GenRight 4500 Class Ultra4 Race Jeep. The Trail/Racer blend, hence the "Tracer" suspension name.

This version of the Tracer kit (2 versions available) is designed to work with the stock Jeep 6 cylinder engine, transmission and transfer case (2.72 or 4.0 ratios).

In the process, we were able to lower the entire drive train 2" for an incredible low Center of Gravity (see picture). Allowing the "vehicle to handle like it's on rails" says our founder Tony Pellegrino. The lower ride height adds stability (on & off-road), increased up travel for a smoother ride, Anti-Squat characteristics for better off-road traction, and just about everything else you could ask for out of a suspension kit.


  • Stretches the wheelbase from 103" to 115" with GR 26 gallon fuel tank.
  • Increased up travel by 3.5", for lower overall ride height.
  • 14" travel x 2.5" Coil over shocks on each corner.
  • 2" hydraulic "Air" bumps on each corner.
  • Bind free 3 Link front suspension (plus a trac bar).
  • Triangulated 4 Link rear suspension.
  • Optimized Anit-squat.
  • Keeps steering box in factory location.
  • Heavy duty laser cut and formed parts for easy installation.
  • All Grade 8 hardware is included.
  • Designed for use with 1-1/4" shank genuine Johnny Joints.
  • Smooth belly skid.
  • Engine and Transmission Skid plates (ties into the main belly skid)
  • Detailed installation instructions.

Base Tracer Kit includes:

  • Front Shock Mount kit
  • Rear Shock Mount kit
  • Flat Belly Skid plate.
  • Engine / Trans Skid plate.
  • Chassis side control arm mounts (front & rear).
  • Front axle side brackets.
  • Rear axle side brackets.
  • Retains stock 4.0L straight 6 cylinder engine mounts 
  • Transmission cross member w/stock trans mount
  • Grade 8 hardware.
  • Detailed spiral bound instruction booklet.


Important Notes:

  • This system is designed to be mounted on a stock Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ frame, 2003-2006. Aftermarket frames are not the same.
  • If using a 2003 or 2004 LJ, you will need to upgrade the fuel pump to the 2005 / 2006 style pump module.
  • Fuel filler will need to be modified or replaced. We offer the GST-5000.
  • Modifying the exhaust to fit around the engine skid, front and rear suspension is necessary. Getting the tail out the back is not possible.
  • Designed around a GenRight spec'd Currie High Pinion VXR60 front and Extreme 70 rear axles.
  • Designed for use with a factory Jeep 4.0L, 6 cylinder engine and 6 speed manual or 4 speed auto transmission.
  • We offer several transfer case options: factory 231 (2.72), factory 241 Rubicon (4:1) and Atlas, please choose option when checking out.
  • Due to bigger tires and demands of off-road driving, we offer a bigger Griffin radiator with dual electric fans. Factory mechanical fan does not fit because front axle has more up travel (bumps higher).
  • Designed for use with Ram Assist type steering (not full hydro).
  • Installation will require cutting and welding (MIG or TIG).
  • Also available as a complete rolling chassis from GenRight!

More questions? Please call us at 805-584-8635

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4 Reviews

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    Best of the Best

    Posted by 06 Khaki Tracer on Jan 7th 2021

    If you have an LJ, do not consider anything else. What GenRight did for Geometry, Wheel Base, Shock tuning etc., left me and everyone with me speechless on the trail. The drivability on-road is superb, handles like a dream and runs straight as an arrow down the freeway. Wheeling Johnson Valley has it's demands, and this jeep literally flowed like water through several trails with ease and confidence. Not once did the jeep feel unsettled, it felt planted and predictable. If you're looking at anything else you're basically comparing an Ultra 4 Car to a covered wagon.

  • 5
    Love my LS powered Jeep

    Posted by Peter D. on Apr 30th 2020

    What's not to like about a 600HP Jeep? I picked up my Jeep from GenRight and went straight to Moab for a week. I am really glad GenRight knows what they are doing, as this platform is solid and handles like a dream off-road and on the street!

  • 5
    Impressive performance

    Posted by Steven B. on Apr 30th 2020

    When GenRight finished my Jeep, we went straight to the Hammers and walked right through every tough trail. I wheeled the Jeep for 4 days straight with no issues. Impressive!

  • 5
    Beyond my expectation!

    Posted by Kelly S. on Apr 30th 2020

    I have had Jeeps built at GenRight before, but the Tracer is an entire new level! Now I can crawl and go fast with a V8 powered Jeep like Tony! All i can say is you get what you pay for.