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Rear Axle Bridge, Dana 60, Welded

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This is GenRight's Dana 60 low profile Rear Axle Bridge that is also designed to be an axle truss too!

If you are Triangulating (or linking) the suspension on your Jeep, you will need a "Bridge" (or Truss) above the differential housing on the rear axle to mount the upper control arms.

We have figured out all the angles for proper geometry (weight transfer and minimal anti-squat) to make your rig a top notch crawler with awesome articulation.

The links are mounted "sideways" inside the bridge to keep your link joints in a "neutral" position so they do not "max out" during extreme articulation and cause damage to the joint.

Features Include:

  • Pre-welded (still needs to be welded on your axle).
  • Design puts the joints 8-1/2" above axle center line.
  • Heavy Duty 1/4" thick laser cut and CNC formed material
  • Super strong boxed design.
  • Acts as a bridge and an axle truss!
  • Sideways mounted joints keep the bridge lower profile under the vehicle.
  • Bridge end plates fit 2-3/4" or 3" diameter axle tubes.
  • Designed to work with single or double upper links (4 link or 3 link "Y")!
  • Joint mount is made 2-5/8" wide and for a 9/16" bolt.


  • This kit requires welding to properly install it on your axle housing.
  • For maximum performance and articulation you need to tack the bridge in place and cycle the suspension.
  • We also offer this in an un-welded version (RSM-4059).


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