Stretched 2 Door Jeep JK

Check out this SUPER Clean Stretched 2 Door Jeep JK on 40" Goodyear tires. This gallery shows the build we did here at GenRight with the rear is stretched 5" back and front 2" forward (for a total of 102" WB). We also installed Currie VXR 60 high pinion axles and an all aluminum 426 Hemi V-8 engine with a RFE545 auto transmission.


Ultra Clearance Front Bumper with a Warn Zeon 10-S winch. Elite Extreme Stretch suspension with 2.5" King coil over shocks, compression adjusters and 2" King bump stops.


Here you can see the 5" stretch is concealed by our extended 2 door corner guard. Notice how the LED tail light is recessed into the corner guard for protection off-road. The rear flare is the GenRight EXT, which is a modified Comp cut rear flare.


Here you can see how the 23 gallon rear mounted gas tank is notched out to fit the rear differential.


The GenRight 2 door rocker guards fit the stretched corner guards perfectly. Notice our version of the PRP seat mounts too.


Above you can see how the stretch corners are built on the Jeep. Notice the filler piece on the forward edge of the inner fender well.


This build used our TFF-8640 narrow front aluminum tube fenders, for the best off-road clearance and performance.


Here you can see the GenRight roll cage, rear shock towers and the aluminum floor plate (with pump access panel) in the rear cargo area of the 2 door JK.