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Fusion Series Bumpers Ignite the Off-Roading Fire in New JK Owners


The most common question we get from new Jeep Wrangler JK owners concerns what armor upgrade to do first when on a tight budget. It is for those people that GenRight engineered Fusion Bumpers. This made-in-America line of bumpers feature the infamous GenRight Quality at a lower price point! As with all of our products, they were designed with an eye towards maximizing functionality.

The Fusion Bumper series by GenRight for JK 2-door and JKU 4-door Jeep Wrangler features increased approach and departure angles compared to the stock bumpers. This means the bumpers are less likely to scrape on rocks and other uneven hazards that pitch the vehicle forward or backward while transversing them. We even ground our welds for nice, smooth edges in order to clear obstacles with a hair more room to spare. 

Front and rear Fusion bumpers are available made from laser cut and CNC formed heavy duty 3/16" thick steel plate for maximum toughness or almost equally tough 3/16" thick 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for weight savings. You can even get a rear stubby bumper to gain the best departure angle, tire clearance and weight savings. 

The Fusion front bumpers by GenRight accept a winch and mount the factory fog lights! They also work with Rubicon or Currie Antirock front sway bars. Two Billet 3/4" wide steel tow points are welded onto the front bumper for towing convenience. The design allows for good air flow to the radiator. The winch mount will fit all the Warn; Zeon 8, 10 & 12 models, 9.5 CTI and Power Plant winches without any mods to the bumper. 

The non-stubby rear bumper has two 3/4" thick billet tow points that tie into the frame and accept a normal D-ring that is sold separately.

The design of our Fusion bumpers make them much easier to install than our Signature Series bumpers. Toughness is not sacrificed, as 12 bolts mount this bumper securely to the frame. Unfinished and powder coated gloss black finish options are available.

We offer an optional bolt-on Winch Guard Bar from powder-coated black 3/16" thick metal with 1-3/4" diameter low-profile gusset tubing that features MIG welding. It mounts with existing bumper bolts.

The fusion series is perfect for the off-roader on a budget who wants clean and simple bumpers for their Jeep.

Order Fusion Bumpers for your Jeep Wrangler JK